Monday, September 10, 2007

How to get a Xbox 360 Elite free!!!

This is the latest "workaround" to get your Xbox 360 Elite for "free". (You can also choose to get $480.00 cash)

I was also skeptical, until I did a lot of research about this company myself, and It is legitimate.

In short: On average, it will probably cost you around $0 - $30 (you need to sign up for a product), plus you need to refer 9-12 other people to sign-up as well (through your referral link).

It takes 10 minutes to setup. Follow the steps below and you will be on your way to receiving a brand new Xbox 360 Elite or $480.00 in cash or a $475.00 Gift Card. (I chose the Xbox 360 Elite)

1) Click on the LINK below, register, pick an account type:
o LEVEL A: "Referral" (Pick THIS ONE – it’s the easiest) or
o LEVEL B: "Points" (need 500-1600 points)

2) Complete just 1 offer (Very important that you complete the 1 offer, otherwise your account will not be active). (Absolutely only one offer,not 2 or 3 like you’ve seen on similar other sites.

There are plenty of cool offers to choose from such as Gamefly, Blockbuster,, Netflix, and others which are services you would regularly sign up for anyway and they are all secure networks. (Of course, you can cancel the service if you choose too.) Read their fine print - some automatically sign you up for continuing subscriptions unless you tell them otherwise, etc.

*TIPS on picking your offer to qualify:
• You can choose between a "referral account" and a "points account"
• The referral account is what I chose. You choose one offer and refer 9-12 others to do the same
• The points account assigns points to each offer. Most offers are worth 20-60 points and you need 900-1200 to get the 360 elite

• Pay attention to each offer description. Some reward offer credit instantly, some take up to 22 days.
• The main thing is to pick an offer that you are interested in trying.
• If you don't want to spend a single dime, you could pick They give you 28 free days to "trial", and $5.00 of free stamps to use. But it is only one of the many offers you can choose from.

*(You need to complete the sign up and the trial offer both in one visit ; This will insure that your account gets activated so you can get started.)

After signing up and completing your one offer, simply refer 9 to 12 people - (You can copy & paste this text and put your ad up on eBay, and you'll get your referrals before the auction even ends.)

Here is the LINK


Anonymous said...

has this been working for you. still trying to get my referrals.


BYRDMAN 20 said...

Thanks for the advice I will give it a shot and report back :)

Xbox360referrals said...

Get referrals at

Doug W said...

Cool! I'm gonna try this!