Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Want to know the winner of the Colts vs. Patriot game?

Check this out

The ugliest 45 point game ever

The NBA season kicked off last night on TNT featuring the Spurs against the Trailblazers and the Rockets against the Lakers. The Spurs won in typical fashion controlling most the game. The Laker game was somewhat more interesting with the underlying Kobe plot.

It may just be me, but Kobe seemed like he was frustrated, uninterested, and un-supporting, and despite all the statements he made that when its game time, he'll be ready to play, he wasn't. Kobe was 13-of-32 from the field and 18-of-27 from the line. Kobe also had 5 turnovers, tied for the most for opening day.

They need to finalize what is going to happen to Kobe soon on way or the other, or the Lakers season is going to turn out even worse than it is destined to be.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Packers win in OT

In case you missed the game last night, heres a rundown.

DENVER (AP) - Graybeard Brett Favre certainly isn't running low on arm strength or signature moments.

On the first play following the kickoff in overtime, Favre connected on an 82-yard touchdown pass with Greg Jennings and the Green Bay Packers defeated the Denver Broncos 19-13 on Monday night.
"I feel like I've been on some better teams, but it's hard to doubt this team," Favre said. "That was fun. I can't wait to watch the tape."

Denver had tied the score at 13 on Jason Elam's 21-yard field goal as time ran out in regulation, setting the stage for yet another Favre comeback.

Green Bay won the coin toss and on the first play, Jennings was matched up in man-to-man coverage on the left side. Favre, who threw a 79-yard touchdown pass to James Jones in the first half, hit Jennings in stride at the Denver 40. Cornerback Dre' Bly had no shot at catching the speedy wide receiver who trotted into the end zone as Favre rushed to celebrate Green Bay's first 6-1 start in five years.

It was the second-longest TD pass in NFL overtime history. On Nov. 10, 1985, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Ron Jaworski and wide receiver Mike Quick combined on a 99-yard play.

Vintage Brett Favre

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Colts or Patriots: Who is better?

After last night, I think the Colts may get the better of the Patriots.

Here's why:

The Patriots have been blowing teams out, but the teams they are playing are crap.
Jets 1-6
Chargers 3-3
Bills 2-4
Bengals 2-4
Browns 3-3
Cowboys 6-1
Dolphins 0-7

The Cowboys are the only team they have played above .500, and the only reason the Cowboys have that record is because they had the second easiest schedule next to the Patriots.

The Colts have beaten the Titans, Broncos, Buccaneers, Texans, and Jaguars, all at or above .500.

The Colts are better than the team that won the Superbowl last year, and there defense is preforming very well. It is unbelievable the streak the Colts have going on right now dating back to last season and they are not even being talked about.

So who is better Colts or Patriots? I vote Colts

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The two top NFL Teams are the most white?

From FoxSports:

You get one NFL Truth today. Watching Chad Johnson and Larry Johnson undermine their respective head coaches, Marvin Lewis and Herm Edwards, on Sunday gave me a singular focus, forced me to contemplate an uncomfortable truth.

African-American football players caught up in the rebellion and buffoonery of hip hop culture have given NFL owners and coaches a justifiable reason to whiten their rosters. That will be the legacy left by Chad, Larry and Tank Johnson, Pacman Jones, Terrell Owens, Michael Vick and all the other football bojanglers.
In terms of opportunity for American-born black athletes, they're going to leave the game in far worse shape than they found it.

It's already starting to happen. A little-publicized fact is that the Colts and the Patriots — the league's model franchises — are two of the whitest teams in the NFL. If you count rookie receiver Anthony Gonzalez, the Colts opened the season with an NFL-high 24 white players on their 53-man roster. Toss in linebacker Naivote Taulawakeiaho "Freddie" Keiaho and 47 percent of Tony Dungy's defending Super Bowl-champion roster is non-African-American. Bill Belichick's Patriots are nearly as white, boasting a 23-man non-African-American roster, counting linebacker Tiaina "Junior" Seau and backup quarterback Matt Gutierrez.

For some reason, these facts are being ignored by the mainstream media. Could you imagine what would be written and discussed by the media if the Yankees and the Red Sox were chasing World Series titles with 11 African-Americans on their 25-man rosters (45 percent)?

We would be inundated with information and analysis on the social significance. Well, trust me, what is happening with the roster of the Patriots and the Colts and with Roger Goodell's disciplinary crackdown are all socially significant.

Hip hop athletes are being rejected because they're not good for business and, most important, because they don't contribute to a consistent winning environment. Herm Edwards said it best: You play to win the game.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Franchione to receive 'letter of admonishment'

From the AP:

COLLEGE STATION, Texas (AP) - Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione will be admonished for a secretive for-pay newsletter sent to boosters and the school said Thursday it will report possible violations related to the newsletter to the NCAA.

The school ordered the coach to shut down his Web site — — and will issue a "letter of admonishment."
Athletic director Bill Byrne said he'll consider the newsletter when he evaluates Franchione at the end of the season. Franchione's $2 million per year contract runs through 2012.

"This will be part of his performance review," Byrne said. "The Aggies are embarrassed right now. This has been a very unfortunate incident we do not want to experience again."

Byrne was not aware of the newsletters — which boosters paid $1,200 a year to Franchione — until a reporter inquired about them about a month ago. A&M hired a consulting firm to investigate about two weeks ago, after Franchione admitted he provided the information in a newsletter called the "VIP Connection."

"My guess is there was an attempt to keep it from us," Byrne said. "I think the whole thing started as something well-intended, to keep a number of people who were good donors to the university forever informed about things that were going on. It just got out of control."

Franchione apologized to his team, the school and A&M fans in a statement released after Byrne met with reporters. He also tried to explain himself.

"I was trying to keep some loyal Aggies informed on our program in greater detail throughout the year," he said. "Please do not blame them. They were only trying to support our program."

Franchione said he was turning his attention to Saturday's game at Texas Tech and would not comment further on the newsletter.

David Batson, A&M's compliance officer, said he did not expect the NCAA to penalize the program with sanctions, though he wouldn't rule it out.

"I think the actions taken by the institution will suffice," Batson said. "But ultimately, that's a decision by the NCAA."

The NCAA did not immediately return a phone message.

Among A&M's actions, Franchione was ordered to no longer employ "any staff members that could be construed as representing Texas A&M or providing information or reports relative to his position as head coach at Texas A&M."

Byrne said Franchione's longtime personal assistant, Mike McKenzie, actually wrote the e-mails, and Byrne suggested that Franchione may not have always known about the content. Byrne said McKenzie is no longer an A&M employee, though Byrne was unaware if Franchione was still employing him in some capacity.

The school pointed out three areas where possible violations occurred:

-Franchione did not report to A&M income generated through his Web site or from the VIP Connection. The school said Franchione thought he did not have to report the income until he actually received the proceeds that exceeded expenses incurred for maintaining the Web site.

The school reported that Franchione's Web site and the e-mails generated about $80,000 between June 2005 and June 2007. The school said Franchione's net profit was $37,806.32. A&M said McKenzie was paid by Franchione.

The VIP Connection occasionally contained information about prospective student-athletes. The NCAA prohibits a school from commenting publicly on recruits until they sign letters of intent.

The school suggested that Franchione violated Big 12 Conference standards of sportsmanship.
Batson said neither Franchione nor McKenzie were aware of newsletter recipients using the information for gambling.

The school released a list of 23 recipients of the VIP Connection, including Franchione's wife, Kim, and their oldest daughter, Ashley.

Batson said the school has gathered newsletters from as far back as November 2006. He estimated that the newsletters started in the fall of 2004, the year after Franchione arrived at A&M.

Some of the newsletters contained information about prospective A&M recruits.

One from Aug. 13 read: "TOTAL MUM ON THIS. A certain highly regarded prospect who has committed to Michigan showed up at practice Saturday wearing a USC cap, for which he took a lot of guff. ;)

"As they say in recruiting, it's a long time until February. Same for kids who say they're going to, oh, say, Alabama."

The e-mail continues that Franchione talked to an official whose daughter goes to A&M. From Franchione's view, the newsletter reads, the official was "subconsciously not trying to appear biased about A&M" and making calls against the Aggies. "He said the official didn't like what he said," the e-mail said, "but the plan was counter-subconscious espionage; get the official to think subconsciously about what he might be thinking about subconsciously...well, you get the gist."

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cowboys vs. Patriots

This coming Sunday we will see two undefeated teams battle. After last weeks Romo meltdown, and the vulnerability of the Cowboys have been exposed, here are some reason the Cowboys still have a chance.

1. Patriots are over-rated. The cowboys almost have as many wins as all the teams the Patriots have played to date combined.

2. Cowboys have confidence- Even though they barely avoided disaster on Monday night, close victories pull teams together. Just ask the Colts.

3. Cowboys are playing at home- The Cowboys pulled off a victory at home against the then undefeated Colts last season. In Dallas, anything can happen.

No matter who wins or loses this will be a good barometer game for both teams which have had relatively cup-cake schedules so for. Hopefully all those who are drink the Patriot cool-aid will be let down come Monday, and I won't have to hear anymore undefeated Patriots talk.

Reggie Bush Investigation Still Alive and Seeking Informant

Yahoo! Sports will not let allegations of Reggie Bush's possible NCAA violations die. As near as we can tell, Bush and his family received over $400,000 of improper benefits while he was at USC. Bush and his lawyers are hard at work. They already settled out of court with one of his benefactors Michael Michaels for a sum between $200 and $300 thousand. The settlement purportedly included a gag order against Michaels prohibiting any discussions with NCAA investigators.

Apparently Bush's team and his other former benefactor, Lloyd Lake, are unable to reach a settlement. Now, Yahoo! is reporting that Lake has agreed to meet with NCAA investigators and provide financial records detailing $280,000 in improper gifts to Bush and his family.

What's at stake? Only a National Championship and Heisman Trophy, not to mention the reputation of the NCAA after getting called out by the OU president for failing to make any progress despite a ton of evidence in the headlines.

Who wants to bet that Bush and Lake make a seven figure settlement in the next seven days?

Monday, October 8, 2007

Week 5 Fantasy report

From Fox Sports:

Tom Brady has thrown for at least three scores in every game. Backup running backs Kenton Keith and Najeh Davenport scored twice. Both Larry Fitzgerald and Plaxico Burress had 100-yard receiving days with a touchdown. Kris Brown kicked five field goals, including three 50-yarders.

What do these events and others mean for your fantasy team? Review the analysis of every NFL game in Week 5.

Chicago 27, Green Bay 20
• Both Desmond Clark and Greg Olsen showed they can be weekly starts with Brian Griese at quarterback. Clark caught three passes for 62 yards and a score, while Olsen had four receptions for 57 yards and his first touchdown of his career. Clark has scored in two straight games, both with Griese at quarterback.

• Cedric Benson averaged only 2.4 yards en route to 64 rushing yards, but he scored his second touchdown of the season.

• Deshawn Wynn showed he has fantasy value, running for 78 yards and a score, his third of the season. He averaged 6.0 yards on 13 handoffs. Vernand Morency was also productive, totaling 91 yards by rushing for 43 yards and gaining 48 receiving yards. Morency averaged 4.8 yards and caught seven receptions in his best game since returning last game from a knee injury. When Brandon Jackson returns from his shin injury, though, that lessens the fantasy values of all three. For now, Wynn remains the best fantasy threat as long as he continues to receive the majority of carries.

• Brett Favre threw for his third straight 300-yard game, but he failed to throw for multiple touchdowns for the second time this season. He passed for just one score. Favre also threw two interceptions for his first game of multiple picks. That snapped a two-game streak with zero picks. Still, Favre has thrown nine touchdowns compared to four interceptions this season.

• Greg Jennings led the Packers with 83 yards and a score on four receptions. He's scored in three straight games since his return from a knee injury.

• Rookie James Jones caught five passes for 61 yards, but he lost two fumbles, demonstrating his inexperience.

• Donald Driver was held to season lows of four receptions for 51 yards. The return of top cornerback Charles Tillman helped the Bears' pass coverage on the wideouts.

• Brian Griese impressed by throwing to nine different receivers to total 214 passing yards and two scores. He threw only one interception, improving from last week's three picks. He's a bye-week replacement against the Vikings' poor pass defense.

• Bernard Berrian had his worst performance of the season, catching only one pass for 10 yards. Muhsin Muhammad caught only one reception for 17 yards and remains waiver-wire fodder.

• Chicago's fantasy defense dominated, forcing five turnovers (two interceptions, three lost fumbles) and one sack.

Indianapolis 33, Tampa Bay 14
• Joseph Addai missed the game with a chest injury, but his replacement of rookie Kenton Keith ran for 121 yards and two touchdowns. He served as a superb fantasy start, finishing among the top Week 5 leaders. Keith also added 37 yards on five receptions to total 158 yards. The Colts have a Week 6 bye, so Addai's owners should expect him to return in Week 7.

• Marvin Harrison missed the game with a knee injury, and his replacement of rookie Anthony Gonzalez led the Colts with seven catches for 71 yards. He's only worth a fantasy start if Harrison or Reggie Wayne misses a game, though.

• Wayne scored his fourth touchdown of the season, finishing with seven receptions for 62 yards.

• Dallas Clark scored in his fourth straight game and has totaled five touchdowns this season. He added seven receptions for 49 yards.

• Ike Hilliard led the Bucs with eight catches for 58 yards and is a waiver-wire candidate to claim for owners needing a bye-week replacement in reception leagues. His respectable Week 5 outing followed up his strong Week 4 performance of seven receptions for 114 yards.

• Joey Galloway posted his third straight disappointing fantasy outing by catching only four passes for 50 yards.

• Michael Pittman left in the second quarter with a broken fibula and is expected to miss 3-4 weeks, according to various reports. Earnest Graham has a strong chance of being Tampa Bay's featured back for the next few games. However, Graham would be a weak fantasy start against Tennessee's strong defense.

• Graham had a poor fantasy outing, rushing for only 11 yards and gaining just 18 yards on two receptions. Still, his fantasy value increases further with Pittman's injury, combined with the recent season-ending loss of Cadillac Williams.

• After throwing just one touchdown pass in each of Weeks 2 and 3, Peyton Manning threw for his third multiple touchdown game. He's now totaled 10 touchdown passes with only two interceptions through the first five games. He also passed for 253 yards, marking the fourth game that he's thrown for at least 250 yards this season.

Baltimore 9, San Francisco 7
• Tight end Todd Heap was inactive with a thigh injury. Backup Quinn Sypniewksi had four receptions for 28 yards in his place.

• Steve McNair has failed to throw for multiple touchdowns in all four of his starts this season. He passed for zero scores for the second time this season despite attempting 43 passes. He's totaled only two scores with two interceptions this year. He finished with just 214 passing yards.

• Willis McGahee has compiled at least 100 total yards in all five contests this season. He ran for 88 yards and had 48 receiving yards to total 136 yards for the second game in a row. However, he went scoreless for the fourth time in five games this season. He averaged a respectable 4.0 yards on 22 carries and added seven catches. He'll have a chance to score his first rushing touchdown against St. Louis' suspect defense next game in Week 6.

• Derrick Mason continues his strong rapport with McNair, catching season-highs of 11 passes for 85 yards. He's caught a league-leading 44 passes in five contests after totaling 21 in the past two games.

• Mark Clayton continues to be a fantasy flop, catching only one pass for five yards. He's now totaled measly 10 catches for 81 yards through five contests. Demetrius Williams also continues to disappoint, catching just four passes for 39 yards. He has yet to score this season.

• Matt Stover kicked three field goals of 26, 32 and 49 yards, making him 13-of-16 field goals for the season.

• Frank Gore failed to total 100 yards for the fourth time in five games this season. He ran for just 52 yards and gained only 23 receiving yards to total 75 yards. He averaged only 3.3 yards and caught just three passes.

• Darrell Jackson continued to show he remains a fantasy reserve at best, catching season lows of two passes for six yards.

• Arnaz Battle scored his first receiving touchdown and second score of the season. He caught a 23-yard pass but should remain on the waiver wire until he becomes involved in San Francisco's passing attack.

• Trent Dilfer passed for only 126 yards with one touchdown and an interception. Alex Smith may return after the 49ers Week 6 bye from his separated shoulder. In addition, tight end Vernon Davis could return after the bye from a knee injury. Both would remain shaky starts, even against a shaky Giants defense in Week 7.

San Diego 41, Denver 3
• Michael Turner was San Diego's top fantasy threat, not LaDainian Tomlinson. Still, Tomlinson posted a strong fantasy outing. Turner ran for 147 yards and one score, while Tomlinson totaled 140 yards. Turner ran for 67 yards and caught three passes for 72 yards. Turner averaged a whopping 14.7 yards per carry while Tomlinson produced a paltry 3.2 yards. Turner was helped by a 74-yard touchdown run midway through the fourth quarter.

• That was Tomlinson's second straight game of at least 100 total yards, but he's scored only three touchdowns in five games.

• Antonio Gates posted his third 100-yard receiving day and third score of the season. He caught seven passes for 113 yards and a score.

• Despite facing the league's best cornerback tandem, Vincent Jackson had 84 yards and a score on three receptions.

• Philip Rivers showed he still has fantasy value as a starter, throwing for 270 yards and two scores, and rushing for a score. He accomplished his best game of the season despite completing passes to only three receivers (Gates, Jackson and Tomlinson). He should have another strong performance against Oakland next week.

• Jay Cutler has yet to throw for multiple scores this season, throwing only one touchdown in each of his first four games and passing for zero against San Diego. In fact, after throwing for an interception Sunday, he's totaled more picks (6) than touchdown passes (4) this season.

• Travis Henry received the start despite ankle and knee injuries, but he produced a lowly fantasy day. Henry ran for only 65 yards. He's in danger of being suspended for the season for reportedly violating the league's drug policy.

• Selvin Young ran for zero yards on one carry and had just 20 receiving yards on four receptions. He stands to be a big fantasy factor, though, if Henry becomes suspended. The situation is expected to be resolved within a month.

• Brandon Marshall capitalized on Javon Walker's injury to catch seven passes for 77 yards. Walker missed his second straight game with a knee injury and will be aiming to return after Denver's Week 6 bye.

• Second-year wideout Glenn Martinez, who has caught just one pass in his career, finished with six catches for 70 yards. Brandon Stokley disappointed by catching only one pass for 14 yards and is only effective as Denver's No. 3 wideout. Martinez's fantasy value becomes negated when Walker returns.

• San Diego's defense dominated by allowing only three points, creating three turnovers (one interception, two fumbles lost), achieving one sack and scoring a touchdown on a fumble return from a kickoff.

Houston 22, Miami 19
• Miami's Trent Green was knocked out late in the first quarter with a concussion and may reportedly be out three weeks. Cleo Lemon replaced Green, who finished 1-of-2 with just five passing yards . Lemon offers more mobility, but he lacks experience and a track record to consider as a fantasy starter or even as a reserve. Lemon finished with 151 passing yards and one interception.

• Ronnie Brown dominated for the third straight contest, compiling at least 100 total yards and a score for the third straight contest. After averaging 209 total yards in the past two contests, Brown totaled 153 yards and a score against Houston. He has a solid chance to post his fourth straight excellent fantasy game against the poor Browns defense next week.

• Chris Chambers posted his second straight poor fantasy outing, catching just two passes for 19 yards. He's totaled only four catches for 40 yards in the past two games.

• Replacing an inactive Ahman Green (knee injury), Ron Dayne scored his season's first touchdown. He also rushed for 40 yards and gained five receiving yards on one catch.

• Tight end Owen Daniels was Houston's leading receiver as the Texans manage without top wideout Andre Johnson for the third straight contest. Daniels finished with six catches for a season-high 96 yards.

• Andre' Davis posted a respectable fantasy outing in Johnson's absence, catching four passes for 79 yards. No. 2 wideout Kevin Walter caught five passes for 67 yards, but he remains waiver-wire fodder until he shows more consistent productivity.

• Kris Brown had an amazing fantasy day, making 5-of-5 field goals. Significantly, three of them were from 50 or more yards. He made field goals of 54, 43, 54, 20 and 57 yards with an extra point. In many leagues, that accounts for 23 points!

• Jay Feely also had an outstanding fantasy day, making 4-of-4 field goals. He made field goals of 23, 40, 33 and 48 yards.

Jacksonville 17, Kansas City 7
• Finally! After scoring 15 touchdowns last year, Maurice Jones-Drew scored his first touchdown of the season in his fifth game. He flashed his big-play ability on a 52-yard scamper, outrunning Kansas City's secondary. Jones finished with 82 rushing yards and 30 receiving yards to total 112 yards and a score. He also caught three passes and averaged a superb 9.1 yards per carry.

• Fred Taylor remains bench material after rushing for only 51 yards on 16 carries for a putrid 3.2 average. He also caught just one pass for nine yards. He should only be a start if owners need a bye-week replacement. Taylor has yet to score in four contests and post a 100-yard rushing day.

• Larry Johnson was shut down by Jacksonville, gaining only 12 yards and three receiving yards. Johnson also added five catches. Without a legitimate passing attack and a solid quarterback, Johnson will struggle against tough defenses. But he has a chance to do well against Cincinnati next game.

• Dennis Northcutt caught his first touchdown pass on a 3-yard pass. Still, he remains a shaky fantasy start with Jacksonville's passing struggles.

• Tony Gonzalez caught season highs of eight passes for 100 yards to lead the Chiefs in receiving.

• Dwayne Bowe led Kansas City's wideouts with four catches for 70 yards, snapping his three-game scoring streak. However, Eddie Kennison, who made his first start since the opener, went catchless, but Samie Parker caught a touchdown pass on the game's final play for his first score of the season.

• Brodie Croyle replaced an injured Damon Huard in the fourth quarter and led Kansas City to its only scoring drive. Huard threw for 196 yards and one interception, while Croyle had 83 passing yards and a score. Huard is reportedly out for Week 6. But no matter if the quarterback is Croyle or Huard, neither will make Kansas City's passing attack a potent one.

• David Garrard was effective, completing 20-of-27 passes for 218 yards and one score. He's a feasible waiver-wire pickup for owners who are desperate for a quarterback and faces Houston next.

New England 34, Cleveland 17
• Tom Brady, who passed for 265 yards, threw three touchdown passes to give him 16 for the season. He makes New England's top two receivers of Randy Moss and Ben Watson as top weekly starts and secondary receivers Wes Welker and Donte' Stallworth as strong candidates for starts.

• Sammy Morris ran for his second straight 100-yard game in place of the injured Laurence Maroney. His three-game scoring streak was snapped, though. Morris also added two receptions for nine yards. If Maroney misses his third straight game with a groin injury, Morris is a solid start against Dallas. Morris was New England's featured back, receiving 21 carries of 30 given to Patriots running backs. Morris averaged an excellent 4.9 yards per carry.

• Watson registered his first 100-yard game of the season by catching six catches for 107 yards and two scores. He now has scored a career-high five touchdowns through only five contests.

• Stallworth has emerged as a candidate to start as a No. 3 fantasy receiver, catching four passes for 64 yards and his first score of the season.

• Moss caught season lows of just three passes for 46 yards while Welker gained only 19 yards on four receptions.

• Jamal Lewis left early with a foot injury, finishing with just one carry for 11 yards. His replacement, Jason Wright, totaled 102 yards, running for 59 yards on 15 handoffs and gaining 43 yards on four receptions. If Lewis misses the next game against Miami, he will be replaced effectively by Wright. Owners should claim Wright and start him in the flex spot if he starts against Miami next game. He offers more quickness and speed than a plodding Lewis.

• Braylon Edwards showed he can still be very productive against top pass defenses like New England, catching six passes for 110 yards. That was his second 100-yard game of the season, but his three-game scoring streak was snapped.

• Tim Carter made a surprise fantasy showing after totaling only two catches all season. He caught three passes for 50 yards and a score, his first of the season. Still, he remains waiver-wire fodder, battling for catches with Joe Jurevicius as the third wideout option.

• Kellen Winslow has a posted a strong fantasy outing in all five contests, scoring his second touchdown of the season. He finished the game with four catches for 49 yards.

• Derek Anderson had a respectable fantasy outing by throwing for 287 yards and two scores, despite having three interceptions. He's a strong start as a bye-week replacement next game against Miami.

• New England's fantasy defense dominated again, achieving three sacks and four turnovers (three picks, one lost fumble). It also returned a fumble for an touchdown.

Carolina 16, New Orleans 13
• Reggie Bush showed why he remains a weekly start, becoming New Orleans' featured back after the loss of Deuce McAllister for the season. Bush handled 21 carries and had nine receptions for a total of 30 touches. He ran for 67 yards for a pedestrian 3.2 average, but gained 52 receiving yards to give him a total of 119 yards.

• Aaron Stecker had only four carries for 12 yards and yielded the goal-line score to Mike Karney. He becomes waiver-wire fodder with his limited usage.

• Marques Colston has yet to compile a 100-yard receiving day this season, gaining only 31 yards on four receptions. However, Devery Henderson posted his first solid fantasy game this season, catching four passes for 101 yards.

• Drew Brees failed to throw a score for the third time in four contests and threw two interceptions. He's totaled nine interceptions and has passed for only one score.

• DeShaun Foster posted his third poor fantasy outing in five games this season. He ran for only 59 yards on 19 carries for a poor 3.1 average and caught zero passes. He's only scored in one of five contests this season.

• DeAngelo Williams had his fourth poor fantasy outing in five contests, gaining only 23 yards on seven handoffs.

• David Carr remains a poor fantasy start. He threw for only 119 yards and one score with an interception against New Orleans' poor pass defense.

• Keary Colbert posted his first strong game of the season, indicating he's replaced Drew Carter as the Panthers' second-most productive wideout. He caught season-highs of four passes for 74 yards.

• Steve Smith showed why he remains a weekly starter, even with a suspect quarterback. He caught four passes for 47 yards and a score, his fifth of the season. That snapped a two-game scoreless streak.

• John Kasay clinched the game-winning field goal for Carolina, and posted a solid fantasy game in the process. He made field goals of 23, 35 and 52 yards.

• Olindo Mare demonstrated why he should remain on the waiver-wire and is a candidate to be released by the Saints. He made only 2-of-4 field goals and has converted just 3-of-7 field goals this season. Though he's missed two field goals of long range from 52 and 54 yards, he's missed shorter ones of 20 and 38 yards, including a crucial one near the end of this game.

New York Giants 35, New York Jets 24
• Chad Pennington was woeful for the second straight week, throwing for only 229 yards and one score with three interceptions. He's thrown five interceptions in the last two games after passing for zero in his first two games. He missed Week 3 with an injury.

• Both the fantasy defenses of the Giants and Jets sparkled. The Giants had one sack and three interceptions, and returned an interception for a score. The Jets had two turnovers (one interception, one fumble) and scored twice. It returned a fumble and a kickoff for touchdowns. Leon Washington scored his second touchdown of the season on a kickoff return.

• Thomas Jones has been a big fantasy disappointment, failing to rush for 100 yards or total at least 100 yards in four of five contests. He's also failed to score in every game this season. Jones rushed for only 36 yards on 13 handoffs for a poor 2.8 average and caught just two passes for 14 yards.

• Washington has scored twice on kickoff returns and has also one touchdown on the season. He posted a poor game as a running back, though, rushing for only 13 yards on nine carries and catching just one pass for negative one yard.

• Laveranues Coles caught eight passes for 89 yards to led all Jets receivers. Jerricho Cotchery disappointed after catching eight passes for 107 yards last game. He only managed four catches for 31 yards and remains scoreless this season.

• Two-year veteran Brad Smith caught his first touchdown of his career and finished with three catches for 44 yards. However, he remains waiver-wire fodder until he shows consistent productions.

• Brandon Jacobs was the Giants' featured back, receiving 20 handoffs compared to Derrick Ward's 13 carries. After missing the last three games with a knee injury, Jacobs ran for his first 100-yard game of the season by rushing for 100 yards on 20 carries for a sterling 5.0 average. Though he lost a fumble early, Jacobs showed power by consistently breaking tackles. He also added his first score of the season on a 19-yard run.

• Derrick Ward showed he can still be a viable fantasy starter, especially as a bye-week replacement. He received 13 carries and caught three passes for 16 touches. In addition, he gained 56 yards for a solid 4.3 average and had eight receiving yards. What bodes well for his fantasy future is receiving a goal-line carry that resulted in an 8-yard touchdown run for his second score of the season.

• Plaxico Burress registered his season's second 100-yard game and showed no ill effect from his ankle injury. He broke free for a 53-yard touchdown reception when he stiff-armed the Jets cornerback and raced down the left sideline for his seventh score of the season. Even while battling his ankle injury, he's scored in every game this season.

• Though he's disappointed this season, Jeremy Shockey caught his first score of the season on a 13-yard pass, finishing with two catches for 33 yards.

• Eli Manning threw for two scores for only his second multiple score of the season. He threw for four touchdowns in the opener against Dallas, but he had registered just one touchdown each in Weeks 2-4. He can make it his third multiple passing score of the season against the suspect Falcons defense.

Pittsburgh 21, Seattle 0
• Willie Parker registered his fourth 100-yard rushing day in five contests, running for 102 yards on 28 carries for a pedestrian 3.6 average. However, he failed to receive the three goal-line carries from within the 5-yard line. Instead, Najeh Davenport had all three carries, scoring twice. That deals a significant blow to Parker's owners if this trend continues. Now Davenport becomes a viable fantasy start as least a third running back or a flex starter.

• Davenport finished with 58 rushing yards and two scores, and had 38 receiving yards on four receptions. That gives him a total of 96 yards. Parker had zero receptions. Owners should claim Davenport if he's available. Though Pittsburgh has a bye week, he could be a valuable bye-week replacement.

• Santiono Holmes was active, but he injured his hamstring in pregame warmups, forcing him to the sidelines for the entire game. Cedrick Wilson took his place and led the Steelers with five receptions for 69 yards. However, Nate Washington disappointed again, catching only three passes for 26 yards.

• Heath Miller remains a strong fantasy start, catching four passes for 44 yards and a score, his second of the season.

• Deion Branch left in the first half with a sprained foot, finishing with only two catches for 14 yards. Seattle's passing game was derailed after Branch's injury. Second-year wideout Ben Obomanu led the Seahawks with only two catches for 38 yards.

• Matt Hasselbeck threw for only 116 yards and had an interception. Both Bobby Engram and Nate Burleson combined for only 32 yards. Engram caught just two passes for 25 yards and Burleson caught only one pass for seven yards.

• Despite the absence of defensive tackle Casey Hampton and strong safety Troy Polamalu, Shaun Alexander gained just 25 yards on 11 carries for a woeful 2.3 average.

• Pittsburgh's fantasy defense had three sacks and forced only one turnover (an interception), but it registered a shutout. It also allowed only seven points in the opener and just three points in Week 2.

Arizona 34, St. Louis 31
• Matt Leinart injured his collarbone late in the first half and is expected to miss 6-to-8 weeks. His absence bodes well for Kurt Warner's fantasy value. Warner becomes an immediate waiver-wire pickup. Warner is a solid fantasy starter as a full-time starter. Of note, Leinart remains a reserve or free-agent fodder even if he was the full-time starter. He's worth starting against Carolina's shaky pass defense next game.

• Kurt Warner finished with 190 passing yards, one score and one interception. He also added one rushing score on a quarterback sneak on the first half's last play. Both Arizona quarterbacks totaled 290 yards and a score, giving a glimpse of what Warner could achieve with his passing stats.

• Edgerrin James averaged just 3.4 yards, rushing for 88 yards on 26 handoffs. He also added one catch for nine yards.

• Larry Fitzgerald posted his second straight 100-yard receiving day in the absence of Anquan Boldin. He also scored his first touchdown of the season, finishing with nine receptions for 136 yards. Boldin missed his second straight game with a hip injury.

• Arizona's fantasy defense fulfilled its sleeper status, acquiring two sacks, three interceptions and one touchdown on an interception return.

• Gus Frerotte threw for 262 yards and three scores, indicating he could be a bye-week replacement if Marc Bulger remains out with broken ribs. Bulger is expected to miss Week 6, but the Rams face the stingy Ravens next game, making Frerotte a shaky start.

• Torry Holt showed why he remains a weekly start, no matter the quarterback or foe. He caught five passes for a season-high 89 yards and a score, his third touchdown of the season.

• Drew Bennett scored his first touchdown of the season on a 16-yard reception. He finished with just two catches for 32 yards. However, he's only caught eight passes in four contests, keeping him waiver-wire fodder, even with Isaac Bruce's absence. Bruce missed his first game of the season with a strained hamstring.

• Brian Leonard rushed for his first 100-yard game of his career, making the rookie the first running back to compile at least 100 rushing yards against Arizona this season. Frank Gore gained just 55 yards in Week 1; Shaun Alexander ran for 70 yards in Week 2; Willis McGahee ran for 98 yards in Week 3; and Willie Parker rushed for just 37 yards in Week 4.

• Neil Rackers kicked field goals of 50 and 32 yards while Jeff Wilkins made kicks of 46, 35 and 31.

Washington 34, Detroit 3
• Jason Campbell fulfilled his status as a strong sleeper, throwing for 248 yards and two scores. He completed 23-of-29 passes with zero interceptions. Campbell remains a strong bye-week replacement.

• Antwaan Randle El also fulfilled his strong sleeper status with Santana Moss out with a groin injury. He caught seven passes for 100 yards to lead all receivers in the game. All his yards came in the first half, though, as he left the game with a hamstring injury.

• Chris Cooley scored in his third straight game, catching for passes for 26 yards.

• Keenan McCardell saw immediate action after being signed during Washington's bye week. He caught two passes for 39 yards.

• Surprisingly, neither Clinton Portis nor Ladell Betts was Washington's top fantasy running back. It was fullback Mike Sellers who scored twice. He ran for 24 yards and a score, and gained 36 receiving yards and a touchdown. He totaled 60 yards, in part, by averaging 4.8 yards per carry and catching four passes.

• Portis totaled 91 yards by finishing with 72 yards on 18 carries for a solid 4.0 average and gaining 19 yards on two receptions. Betts ran for only 22 yards on eight carries for a poor 2.8 average and gained just eight on two receptions.

• Jon Kitna was horrible, passing for only 106 yards with two interceptions. He also was sacked for a safety when he fell while attempting to avoid a pass rusher. Kitna also fumbled three times, but lost none.

• Washington's fantasy defense fulfilled its sleeper status by acquiring five sacks, two interceptions, a safety and a touchdown scored on an interception return.

• Kevin Jones has become Detroit's featured back again, receiving 11 of the 16 carries given to running backs. Jones gained 48 yards on 11 carries for a respectable 4.4 average. Tatum Bell only had four carries for 15 yards to compile a 3.8 average. Jones also caught two passes for 17 yards compared to Bell's zero receptions.

• All of Detroit's wideouts were fantasy flops. Roy Williams caught only three passes for 36 yards; Shaun McDonald had four receptions for just 19 yards; Mike Furrey caught just one pass for 14 yards; and Calvin Johnson had just one catch for three yards and left late in the game.

Tennessee 20, Atlanta 13
• Joey Harrington was atrocious against Tennessee, completing only 16-of-31 passes for 87 yards and one interception. Byron Leftwich replaced Harrington early in the fourth quarter and was more woeful, completing only 2-of-8 passes for 28 yards and an interception. The Falcons should stick with Harrington until at least Leftwich becomes more familiar with the Falcons' offense and gains more timing with the receivers in practice.

• Both Warrick Dunn and Jerious Norwood remain bench players and should be dropped if better players can be started in place of them, especially at the flex spot. For example, owners should not hesitate to release those players in favor of backups who can start in the event of an injury, like Selvin Young and Kenton Keith last week. In fact, third-string Artose Pinner, who was released by the Vikings, gained more yards on one carry (49 yards) than Dunn and Norwood each had for the entire game. Surprisingly, he gained more yards on that carry than Norwood has rushed for in each of his first five games.

• Not surprisingly, after scoring twice last game, Michael Jenkins caught only one pass for two yards. Roddy White, who caught three passes for 55 yards, remains Atlanta's best fantasy wideout.

• Once a top-five tight end. Alge Crumpler has become waiver-wire fodder and no longer a weekly fantasy start without Michael Vick. He caught only two passes for four yards and has only one touchdown in five contests this season.

• Showing why he's not yet a weekly fantasy start, Vince Young is inconsistent in only his second season. He threw for only 157 yards and had three interceptions.

• Brandon Jones led the Titans with only 36 receiving yards, though he remains a fantasy start as a bye-week replacement at a Nos. 3 or 4 fantasy wideout.

• Lendale White ran for only 32 yards on 12 carries for a paltry 2.7 average. He lost a fumble on Tennessee's first possession that led to Atlanta's first touchdown.

• Chris Brown fared better than White, fantasy-wise. He ran for his first score of the season and totaled 34 yards by rushing for 27 yards and gaining seven yards on two receptions.

• Though Morten Andersen has made 8-of-10 field goals after three contests, he remains a shaky kicker from longer distances. Andersen is automatic from within 40 yards, making kicks of 24, 25, 28, 22, 36, 32, 28 and 46 yards. In sum, Andersen has made 7-of-7 field goals within 40 yards. However, he's only 1-of-3 from 40 and beyond, missing from 42 and 48 yards through his first three contests. In fact, punter Michael Koenen is serving as Atlanta's long-range kicker, attempting kicks from 53 and 50 yards against Tennessee. The Falcons may want to opt Koenen to try from at least the mid-40s as well with Andersen's' kicks falling short.

• Tennessee's defense fared well, acquiring two sacks and two interceptions, along with a touchdown scored on an interception return. Atlanta's fantasy defense also played well, forcing five turnovers (three interceptions and fumbles) and scoring a touchdown on a fumble return.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Marion Jones admits doping

One of the most celebrated female track stars came clean in the face of overwhelming evidence unearthed by ongoing federal purjury investigations related to the immortal BALCO scandal.

"It's with a great amount of shame that I stand before you and tell you that I have betrayed your trust," she said Friday, admitting she used steroids after years of angry denials.

The thing is, while I'm not conding their conduct, I do understand it. There is a distinct difference between an Olympic athlete like a track star and a professional baseball player: money.

At the end of the day, the pro baseball player will still have million$ in the bank many times over. The Olympic track star will be stripped of their medals, records, and achievements without the comfort of a massive bank account. In the case of Floyd Landis, they'll exhaust their life savings warding off the inevitable.

I think Marion should have hired a better lawyer. Bonds went before the same Grand Jury and said he never 'knowingly' used illegal performance enhancing drugs. Jones flat out made a flat legally binding denial. While the feds have had difficulty making anything stick to teflon Barry, they had no probably sinking the Jones PR battleship.

Maybe Marc Ecko will buy her medals and have another meaningless PR vote for an asterisk.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Are the Patriots that Good?

After watching the Patriots game last night, I kept asking myself are they really that good?

I don't think the Patriots are that good, everyone else is just that bad. The 4 teams they have played are a collective 4 and 12 each team being 1 and 3. The Patriots look like superstars because to-date, they have played a bunch of chumps. The Patriots first actual game will be when they play Dallas in two weeks.

Are they good? Yes. Are they as good as everyone is making them out to be? No. Will they go undefeated? No.

Lets wait till after they play the Colts to start the undefeated talk.