Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tim Duncan hopes refs don't screw Spurs in playoffs

According to ESPN, NBA commissioner David Stern indefinately suspended veteran referee Joey Crawford, who has worked more postseason games than any active ref.

Said Duncan, "I didn't do anything to invoke the reaction that he gave to me and what he did, so I had nothing to do with that...So hopefully they take that into consideration and we get a fair shake from everybody."

Let's see Tim, after getting (obviously) unfairly ejected the other night against the Mavs, Mr. Duncan goes on a media tyrade against the most senior and respected NBA ref on the planet, Joey Crawford. Crawford is now suspended and most likely (according to Crawford) will never referee another game in the NBA. Did I mention these referee types are union?
Timmy, you better do more than hope, buddy. Got religion?

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In Memorial to the Student of Virginia Tech

God speed. Our prayers are with you and your families. Gig 'em Ags. Go Hokies.

. . . . .

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Michael Waltrip Falls Asleep at the Wheel aka Drunk Driving

Here's the story from Fox Sports,

So this is what I have gathered so far:

1. He was out at 2 o clock in the morning

2. "Waltrip lost control of his SUV while driving around a curve and overcorrected." (Doesn't this guy get paid millions to be a professional driver?)

3. He leaves the scene at 2 in the morning and walks the rest of the way home. He doesn't call anyone to pick him up, a tow truck, cops, nothing.

4. No one can find him till the next day. (after hes slept it off)

5. His excuse is horrible, "For 25 years I have had a great driving record. I consider myself to be a courteous and safe driver on public roads. I never expected to fall a sleep behind the wheel of a car." (We are supposed to believe this from a guy who just caught cheating.)

I guess he could have just "fallen asleep"......aka passed out.

Doesn't it sound a little fishy?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pacman gets one year!

In disciplinary action handed down by NFL Commissioner Goodell, Tennessee Titan CB Adam "Pacman" Jones received a one year suspension for "numerous violations of the NFL's personal conduct policy."

Jones was interviewed in the past 10 times by law enforcement officials. Most recently Jones and his entourage have been implicated in a shooting at a Vegas strip club that paralysed a man.

Bengals WR Chris Henry was given an 8 game suspension for conduct resulting in 4 arrests in a 14 month period.

Both players are suspended without pay. Among Jones' requirements for his suspension:

• He must have no more run-in with law enforcement.

• He must comply with all required counseling, education, and treatment assigned by the NFL or the judicial system.

• He must obey the restrictions that have been agreed to by he and the Titans.

• He may not be at the Titans' facility through May 31 and may not participate in any practices or workouts during his suspension. Starting June 1, he must visit the team facility once per week to meet with the team's player development director. Also, beginning June 1, he is permitted to spend one day a week at the team facility for conditioning, film study, and other activities.

• In conjunction with the Titans, Jones must develop a structured program of community service or other activity. This program must be submitted to the NFL for approval.

Henry will be reinstated after the Bengals' eighth regular-season game if he meets the following conditions:

• He must have no more run-in with law enforcement.

• He must comply with all required counseling, education, and treatment assigned by the NFL or the judicial system.

• He is allowed to be at the Bengals' facilities during the rest of the offseason and he must meet weekly with the team's player development director.

• If he fully complies with all conditions, he may participate in the training camp and Bengals preseason games.

• During the 2007 season, he must meet weekly with the team's player development director, but he may not attend or participate in practice.

• He must fully comply with all conditions imposed on him by any court, including requirements of community service.
Failure to comply could result in a lifetime banishment from the NFL. Good luck with that Bentley, Pacman!

Monday, April 9, 2007

A&M Hires Mark Turgeon- The Best Man For the Job?

By now you may know, Billy Gillespie has shipped off to Kentucky. And I believe he may have taken A&M's best shot at establishing a legitimate basketball program with him.

A&M has never much been known for their basketball program until late, when savior Billy Gillespie came in and turned the worst team in the Big 12, into a legitimate NCAA tournament team. Now is probably one of the most crucial times in the A&M basketball program, they have established both success and recruiting.

Texas A&M will announce soon that they have hired Wichita State coach,Mark Turgeon.I don't believe that hiring another up and coming coach will be the best step for the A&M program. Is a guy that has a record of 128-90 and finished 17-14, sixth in the Valley at 8-10 going to be able to keep A&M's recruits as well as take their program forward?

Why didn't they go after a big name head coach that has a established reputation for success? They might have had to dish out a little more money, but I think it would have been well worth it. A&M hasn't had a shot like this to build a reputation of success for their basketball program in the schools history.

Who knows, Mark Turgeon could be the next big thing, the next Billy Gillespie.

But why risk it?

Monday, April 2, 2007

Williams starting process to return to NFL

Apparently, Ricky has stayed drug free for the last year and, much to the disappointment of marijuana and herbal medicine advocates nationwide, has begun the process to apply for reinstatement. Said NFL superagent to the stars Leigh Steinberg:

"Ricky is in the best shape of his life... He's passed all of his drug tests and he's at a place where he's ready to come back to the Dolphins."
Apparently Ricky, living in California with his fiancee and children, is upbeat and excited about the prospect of returning to the NFL (and getting paid). To fantasy players everywhere, this guy will cause much pain and frustration by returning and doing either of:

1. Taking carries from Ronnie Brown and sucking.

2. Taking carries from Ronnie Brown and regaining his previous form.

The way I see it, by returning he practically going to take two running backs off the first round chart depending how he does in the preseason. Ricky IS that good when he's healthy and running straight ahead. Ricky will take carries from Ronnie Brown because he is THAT good.

Funny, there's been no comment from the Dolphins.