Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How Will Kitna Do?

For the last 3 seasons I have bitched about Romo. His turnovers, lack of leadership, terrible decision making have been in my eyes why the Cowboys can't get over the hump.

People point to his stats as the proof in the pudding, saying he is always at the top of the league in passing yards and TD's. My argument to that is that he has the most talented team around him in the NFL, and what would be a 5 yd out on another team, turns into a 75 yd TD pass to Miles Austin/Witten/Jones/Williams/Bryant. I have said for years that if they had a mediocre QB that would properly manage the game (not turn the ball over)they would be better off than Romo closing his eyes and throwing to Witten.

Well, I finally get what I have wished for....Jon Kitna. I am saying now that Kitna will get them to at least .500 and with how bad the conference is, they could still make the playoffs.

Now time to just sit back and see what happens.