Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Can the Mavs Win 70?

With last nights drumming of the Timberwolves the Mavs extended their win streak to 13, and their overall record to 48-9. If the Mavs would not have lost their first 4 straight, they would be 52-5, one game better at this point in the season than the legendary Bulls team led by Michael Jordan.

With 25 games left on the schedule, 14 of those are on the road. With the Mavericks home record this season I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt and give them 11 W's. Of the 14 games on the road, many of them are against the substantially weaker Eastern Conference. The only games I could see them losing are at Phoenix, LA, or Detroit.

Summary: I think it is very possible that we see the Mavericks win 70

Go, Mark, go!

Mark Martin is leading the Nextel Cup Standings. Didn't anyone tell this guy that when you leave Rousch Racing you're not supposed to lead anything? Granted the season is only two races old, but Martin and Ginn Racing have showed us two things: first, the two are a match made in heaven. Martin has always been known as a "crew-chief-in-a-car". He knows how subtle adjustments affect a car's handling through a variety of conditions and this vast knowledge is permeating through the entire Ginn team. Even Joe Nemechek is in the top 5. Second, with two top 5's on two vastly different tracks, Martin is in position to post some very nice finishes on the restricter plate and tri-oval tracks that make up almost two thirds of all the NASCAR races.

And Mark is only running a partial schedule??? Seriously, if only for the fans, you should reconsider. You're still fast dude. Ride that Army car and let's see how far you can take it THIS season. The rookie can wait.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Around the NBA

Last night there was a pretty good selection of NBA games to choose from:

Kings vs. Sixers

In the battle of bad teams, the Sixers proved to be not as bad as the Kings, overtaking them 89-82. The Sixers were led by Andre Iguodala who had 20 pts 8 reb 7 ast. Dalembert dominated the paint, pulling down 20 boards to go with 17 points.

Knicks vs. Heat

Miami lost to the Knicks 93-99, moving them to 27-29. For those of you who are track of W's since DWade got injured they fall to 1-2. One thing that astonishes me is that announcers believe DWade is Gods gift to the NBA. All I hear is how the Heat are going to be lost without him and his leadership. DWade is a great player, he pours in 30 a night, opens up the court for the rest of the team, and does many other things on the court. But last time I checked, they were losing when DWade was in the line-up. Oh, and before you start comparing him to Jordan, make sure he can carry a team like MJ.

Spurs vs. Toronto

For all the talk about how far the Spurs have fallen this season, they don't seem to be doing that bad. They have won 5 in a row and took down the Raptors last night 107-91.

Hawks vs. Mavericks

The Mavericks beat the Hawks 110-87 become the first team in history to have 4 12 win streaks in a single season. Dirk had 27 points and 8 boards to lead the Mavericks. Can you say 70 W's.

Other scores

Magic beat the Bulls 94-87
Nuggets beat the Grizzles 111-107
Celtics beat the Rockets 77-72
Lakers beat the Jazz 102-94
Supersonics beat the Trailblazers 73-97
Clippers beat the Bobcats 93-100

Shaun Livingston Dislocates Knee

Last night Shaun Livingston for the Clippers was going up for a routine, fast break layup. But when he came down, his leg buckled underneath him. Now I'm not talking about a little twist. I'm talking about near amputation. This video doesn't have sound but you could hear the pop when I watched on TV. And he was having a pretty good fantasy year. Damn.

If your stomach turns easily, don't watch the video.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Ohio State Upsets Wisconsin-Mike Conley Hits the Game Winner

The difference between No. 1 ranked Wisconsin and No. 2 ranked Ohio State, a runner from Mike Conley Jr. with 4 seconds left. Ohio State went on to win 49-48 and clinch the Big Ten title.

In what is likely to be Greg Oden's final home game for Ohio State, it wasn't the seven foot sensation in the spotlight. Instead, it was a freshman guard who has been hiding in Oden's shadow since high school, through AAU... till now. When Mike Conley Jr. stepped up and hit the game winner, it was the first time in his life that snagged the spotlight from Oden.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Sabres Kick Ass and Win Game

Last night the Buffalo Sabres beat the Ottawa Senators 6-5 in a shoot out, dispite a depleted bench. The Sabres were short handed after a brawl broke out 5 minutes into the second period after the teams co-captian Chris Drury was earholed by by Ottawa's Chris Neil. Drury slowed down to take a shot on goal when Chris Neil without slowing ran over him from behind, which sent his helmet flying and left him dazed on the ground with a gash on his forehead.

Although the hit seemed dirty,Neil was not penalized.

"Emotions were running high. ... It didn't matter who was on the ice, anybody would've responded," said Biron, who was ejected with Emery and Buffalo hard-ass Andrew Peters. "That was really satisfying. And it's satisfying to see the way we played after that."

In all, the game was delayed 20 minutes, and 100 penalty minutes were issued, 63 to Buffalo.

Heres the fight.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

USC Mooner

I was looking at the sports section at FOX, and couldn't help but laugh. The commentary was hilarious. This is the type of commentary that keeps giving Awful Announcing something to write about. Check it out.

Mickey Meyer rode his stick like a horse, dropped his bulky pants, mooned the crowd and slapped his buttocks during a game against Brigham Young University, police said.

He was ejected and ticketed for lewdness, a misdemeanor, after an officer who was working security at the rink said he witnessed the scene Saturday.

"I had my fill of these refs," Meyer said on an Internet broadcast of the game, according to The Herald-Journal of Logan.

Meyer's antics occurred while play was stopped and referees were trying to sort out penalties in the third period of a consolation game in the ACHA West Regional tournament at Eccles Ice Center.

The junior from Clinton, N.Y., was "riding his hockey stick like a horse and slapping his butt," North Park Officer Mike Stauffer said in a report.

After pulling down his pants, Meyer slapped his bare bottom several times, Stauffer said.

Ticket for you and your date to the game- 30$

Popcorn and refreshments- 10$

"Mickey Meyer rode his stick like a horse, dropped his bulky pants, mooned the crowd and slapped his buttocks"- Priceless

Tommy Morrison Fights Again

"The rug was yanked out from under my feet by a misdiagnosis," he said. "All I want to do is fight. ... It's unfinished business."

Thirty-eight year old Tommy Morrison announced Tuesday that he will be returning to the ring this year, signing with Top Ranked promoters for at least 8 fights this year.

Morrison who held the WBO Title in 93 after beating George Foreman, announced his retirement in February 1996 after testing positive for HIV.

Morrison told the press,

I have no doubt I'll be a better fighter than I ever was before," he said. I am more relaxed. Something that comes along with age causes you to simmer a bit.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Mark Cuban Rips Dwade

Here is the recent blog post that Mark Cuban made on his blog in response to DWades comments directed towards Dirk.

Dwayne Wade a Leader ?

Feb 9th 2007 12:53PM

I hope Dwayne Wade was misquoted in an article today in the Miami Herald. I know the Herald has issues with accuracy and they are still probably looking for the boat I dont own in Miami, but according to the Herald, and i have a hard time thinking even the Herald could get this quote wrong, Wade said the following:


After the Heat practiced Thursday at Quicken Loans Arena, Wade was asked if he believes players are ultimately remembered for what they do at the end of games.

Wade, who usually is selective and subtle with his criticisms of opposing players, took the opportunity to take a jab at Dallas' Dirk Nowitzki, who has failed to give the Heat credit for beating the Mavericks in the Finals last season.

''At the end of the day,'' Wade said, ``you're remembered for what you did at the end. . . . I think that's the reason -- Dirk says they gave us the championship last year, but he's the reason they lost the championship, because he wasn't the leader that he's supposed to be in the closing moments. That's because of great defense by us, but also he wasn't assertive enough as a leader's supposed to be.''

Say what ? Is this the DWade of some of the lamest , boring commercials known to man ? Commercials that are singlehandedly responsible for selling more commercial skipping Tivos than anything else on TV ?
Dwayne I don't blame you for not looking at tapes of the finals. You obviously didn't. You would have seen your unbelievable skills and some other unbelievable elements that if I could discuss honestly here I would get fined for.

You are right, endings are remembered. And the ending of 3 of the games of the Finals will be remembered alongside Game 6 of the King vs Lakers Conf Finals a few years ago.

I guess you have earned the right to criticize Dirk with an obvious display of your own leadership skills.

I know Shaq appreciates your leadership as well. He called out your team a few weeks ago saying it was "embarassing'. Great leadership DWade. Your coach sat players for being fat. I guess you couldnt lead them away from the buffet.

You are an amazing player Dwayne. I love watching you shoot free throws. What you know about Dirk's leadership skills is non existent. You don't have a clue. Your ability to evaluate leadership skills....well you obviously have an overinflated value of your own. Did you take business classes at Marquette ?

Now we know why Charles won't put you in his 5.

And Im pissed for one more reason. Im going to have to miss our next game against the Heat on Feb 22. A previous engagement. I guess its just a missed opportunity to bring a local business class to the game and try to let them interview you about your leadership skills.

Good Offensive Coordinator, Bad Head Coach: Norv Turner to Coach the Chargers

You fire your head coach because he is unsuccessful in the playoffs. Then you replace him with Norv Turner, who as a head coach, has participated in one playoff game, and lost. You have got to be kidding me.

Today the Chargers hired Norv Turner as head coach. Turner, once famed offensive coordinator for the Cowboys, is thought to have shaped Troy Aikman into a Hall of Fame quarterback. But Turner has not had as much success while at the head coach position.

He spent 7 seasons at head coach with the Redskins going 49-59-1. After striking out with the Redskins, he went back to be the offensive coordinator for the Chargers in 2001 then Miami in 02 and 03. He was hired as head coach for the Raiders in 04 and went 5-11. He was fired at the end of the next season after going 4-12, winning only one divisional game during his stint with the Raiders. In 2006 Norv went back to offensive coordinator, this time for the 49ers.

You know history repeats itself, look at Norv's career.

Good offensive coordinator. Bad head coach.

Thanks to AJ Smith, you may never see LaDanian in the playoffs again.

2007 NBA Dunk Contest Highlights

Friday, February 16, 2007

Say it ain't so, Scottie!

Scottie Pippen wants to return to the NBA, preferably to "a contender that could make use of his experience in a playoff run." He says he's in good enough shape to play and is willing to sign a 10-day contract to prove it.

Pippen said,

Being out of the game, my body feels great," Pippen said, adding that his body fat is at an all-time low 5 percent and he's at his top playing weight of about 220 pounds.Taking this break, it feels amazing. I'm looking at somewhere I could play maybe 15 minutes. I'm not trying to be a big-money guy or anything, [just trying to] get with a team I can help in the playoffs.My knee is good, Pippen said. I've been working out regularly, doing drills.

The sure-fire Hall of Famer says he is banking that there's a playoff contender out there that in need of some veteran leadership. Let's review some of the contenders:

1. Dallas Mavericks - Somehow I don't think Mark Cuban is going to sign a charity case in need of another ring. He already has the deepest bench in the league.

2. San Antonio Spurs - They already have a former champion, 40-something old guy in Big Shot Rob. Hell, their entire roster is old.

3. Phoenix Suns - With the injuries adding up and not having the deepest bench among the elite teams, maybe Phoenix. There might be a Charles Barkley connection here.

4. L.A. - Phil Jackson? Kobe? Fuggidabouddit.

5. Cleveland Cavaliers - Also a thin bench, maybe. These guys could use their own version of a 'Big Shot Rob'.

6. Detroit Pistons - I'm letting the contenders list end here. I just don't think that with the departure of Big Ben to Chicago, that Detroit will seriously contend for the title. They also tend to get a bit dysfunctional under stress. If I were Scottie, I'd stay the hell away.

I'll pick either Phoenix and Cleveland as possible but remote destinations.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

News Around the Sports Blog World

Heres the top stories on the blog world.

WBRS Sports
- Tony Romo and Mr. Belding Singing "Don't Stop Believin" by Journey with Metal Skool On Stage!!!

Awful Announcing- NBA All-Star Week Update

The Sports Flow- NBA Midseason Selections

What is Your Favorite NBA Fighting Style?

Since the Ron Artest irruption, I have been relatively desensitized to watching professional athletes throw down on camera. Instead of being in shock, I find myself grading their performance. With that said, here are some of the more memorable NBA fighters profiles.

Ron Artest
POS-SF Age-27 HT-6'7" WT-246
Fighting Style: Angry Fan Basher/Mad Spider Monkey

Ron sits and waits till the enemy strikes, then pounces on the victims with extreme speed and agility. Scaling any obstacles or bleachers in his way, he surprises his opponent with ruthless retaliation. Weakness- Beer in a glass.

Carmelo Anthony
POS-SF Age-22 HT-6'8" WT-230
Fighting Style: Hit and Run

Carmelo employs a style of fighting known round the world as "The Cheap Shot". This is a patient fighter, who must wait until the opponent is unaware before striking. Once he has landed his blow, he then runs away, giving the illusion of a victory. Other stategies employed by this type of fighter: talk shit then have your friends hold you back. This instilling fear into your opponent.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
POS-Retired Center and Dominator
Fighting Style: Jeet Kune Do

Kareem was a legitimate fighter as indicated by his turn in Bruce Lee classic, "Game of Death." Kareeem was a disciple of the master, studying Kung Fu with Bruce Lee himself. From Wikipedia: "His character was the last and most dangerous guardian that Bruce Lee's character had to face. In the extended footage of the final fight scenes of the film, which last about half an hour, Abdul-Jabbar and Lee fight on the highest level of a pagoda which Lee's character had to fight his way up. From Lee's viewpoint, the highest level on the pagoda is where Jeet Kune Do, represented by Abdul-Jabbar himself, is found. Through the entire fight, both men not only fight with an ease hard to obtain, but they both make it known neither of them fear death." Of course, Kareem never got into a huge fight in his NBA days on the court, but if he did he would have pwn3d.

Jermaine Oneil
POS-FC Age-28 Ht-6'8" WT-260
Fighting Style- Hit and roll

Don't let Jermaines baby face fool you, hes a stone cold killa. He's been known to wait until your down, then, just when you think the coast is clear, Smack. Better watch out, Jermaine has been known to roll with a posse. For those playing against him, you might want him and his teammates patted down before stepping onto the court. Between Oneil and Jackson, you might end up with a .45 in your chest.

Vince Carter
POS-GF Age-30 Ht-6'6" WT- 220
Fighting Style- ????

Vince also known as "Vincanity" has been an intimidating force since he entered the league. Vince is known for his force full push, bone chilling stare downs, and quick intimidating approach with his chest bowed out. To date, I can't recall a single fight where he has actually thrown a punch.

John Amaechi
POS-Gay Age-Gay Ht 6'Gay WT-Gay
Fighting Style-Gay

I would love to hear some suggestions on anyone I left out or any ammendmants that need to be made to the list.

Tim Hardaway Slams Gays

Yesterday, on a Miami radio show, former Miami Heat guard Tim Hardaway said the words heard round the world.

I hate gay people, so I let it be known

When asked at the ends of the radio show how Tim would have handled having a gay teammate he replied,
I don't like gay people and I don't like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I don't like it. It shouldn't be in the world or in the United States. First of all, I wouldn't want him on my team, and second of all, if he was on my team, I would really distance myself from him because I don't think that is right. I don't think he should be in the locker room while we are in the locker room. But stuff like that is going on and there's a lot of other people I hear that are like that and still in the closet and don't want to come out of the closet, but you know I just leave that alone.

Hardaway also believes much of the NBA would back him up on this case. He said,
Something has to give, he said. And I think the majority of players would ask for him to be traded or they would want to be traded...If you have 12 other ballplayers in your locker room that are upset and can't concentrate and always worried about him in the locker room or on the court it's going to be hard for your teammates to win and accept him as a teammate.

Hardaway later apologized for the hate comments when contacted by a FOX sports reporter.

I agree with much that Hardaway said. One thing that really makes me mad is how everyone, including Amaechi, compares this to suffrage and black rights. Amaechi said,It's hard to get straight guys to step up. When men stood by women during the suffrage movement, they were called progressive and bold. When whites stood by blacks, they were heroes. But a straight guy standing up for a gay guy faces discrimination, and that's a big part of the battle we're fighting.

This isn't someone holding you down for the color of your skin or your gender. No one cares that your gay,keep it to yourself. Believe it or not, it goes against the moral fiber that this country was built on.

All coming out of the closet does is let others know what gender you like to have sex with. If your gay, that's fine. I don't want to hear about it.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dan Hawkins- Go Play Intramurals!!!!

I have been looking for this sound bite everywhere and finally found a link to it at Lion in Oil.The soundbite I am talking about is Dan Hawkins head coach at Colorado addressing a parents complaint about reduced vacation time for players. Although a very cool soundbite, I think another Buffalo head coach takes top honor.

I'm gonna give this a close second in all-time Colorado football coach sound bites right behind Gary Barnett. In case your memory fails you, Gary was dismissed from Colorado University after reportedly luring players to Colorado's football program with sex and alcohol during recruiting visits. The horrible way he handled the alleged rape of a female placekicker on his team didn't help his case.

Gary answered the allegations by saying that her inability on the field led to lack of respect=rape.

Here's the quote

It was obvious Katie was not very good. She was awful. You know what guys do? They respect your ability. You can be 90 years old, but if you can go out and play, they'll respect you… Katie was not only a girl, she was terrible. OK? There's no other way to say it. She couldn't kick the ball through the uprights.

Hey, Bros before Hoes

Four crew chiefs tossed from Daytona 500

Wow, that's bringing the wood. No one deals with cheating quite like NASCAR. Additionaly Kahne and Kenseth were docked 50 championship points, each. That's the equivalent of 5 wins per team. Given how close the competition was last year for spots int the Chase, I'll make the following prediction:

These two guys won't make it in. Period.

Peyton Manning on David Letterman

Heres Peyton Manning last night on David Letterman. You cant help but like the guy.
Part 1

Part 2

Hat tip AwfulAnnouncing

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Worst Dunk Contest Dunks

Many people believe the dunk contest has gone down the drain in recent years. This is to remind you, it could always be worse.

NCAA claims third Sooner took excess pay

In yet another obvious example of how the top schools stay on top (don't get me started on Reggie Bush), the NCAA's investigation of Sooner-gate '06 concludes that Oklahma failed to adequately monitor the employment of several of their so-called amateur athletes. While the NCAA investigation implicates a third, unnamed player, Oklahoma is sticking to their guns that only Bomar and Quinn received additional payment.

Here's my bold prediction: Stick this one in the folder conveniently labeled of "inadequately punished violations." The NCAA hates to punish its flagship programs. In '93 the NCAA handed out scholarship limitations, bowl ban, and television ban for almost identical scenarios. Somehow, this time, I don't think they'll go there. All this with the looming catastrophe that USC is facing over the Reggie Bush payouts. Apparently there's more documented proof there than even Orenthal James and Johnny Cochran could overcome.

Schottenheimer Gets Canned

After leading the Chargers to a leauge best 14-2 record, Marty Schottenheimer was fired from the head coaching job at San Diego. Schottenheimer is due more than $3 million for the final year left on his contract.

Apparently Marty had a disfunctional relationship with his GM, which led to his Monday evening firing. The firing is said to be on the basis that much of Marty's coaching staff has disbanned to other coaching jobs and positions.

That is absolutely unfair, in my view, Schottenheimer told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. We had no control over two guys who became head coaches in this league. We gave two guys an opportunity to be coordinators in this league. We've added a couple of guys that people should be very pleased with. The future coach will be very pleased, as well.

It is said that Schottenheimer and GM Smith have had a very rocky relationship at best, and that Marty never agreed with some of the management decisions he made. Most notable, the decision to allow free agent Drew Brees to leave the team after returning from a shoulder injury.

Or maybe, just maybe, its because Schottenheimer is the most prolific coach playoff choaker in history.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Coming Out if the Closet: A Good Business Decision?

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban recently told a local Dallas newspaper,

From a marketing perspective, if you're a player who happens to be gay and you want to be incredibly rich, then you should come out, because it would be the best thing that ever happened to you from a marketing and an endorsement perspective. You would be an absolute hero to more Americans than you can ever possibly be as an athlete, and that'll put money in your pocket.

This is a hard pill for me to swallow. I don't think that the American publics view on homosexuality has come to a point where someone coming out of the closet would be viewed as a hero. They may get some press, but I don't think it would go over well with middle-class America.

Recently on a sports talk show, a commentator was commenting on Amaechi coming out of the closet. I couldn't believe that he compared Amaechi to Jackie Robinson. Robinson was a pioneer for the his race and culture, paving the way for many African Americans to come in all sports. Amaechi is simply telling the world his sexual preference, which honestly, I don't care to know about.

If I was in the NBA I guess I would be the player that paved the way for all the guys to follow that liked athletic blonds. Give me a break.

What do you think?

CHEATERS!! Kahne, Kenseth caught with "unapproved alterations"

In a sign that yet another season of the NASCAR Sprint/Nextel season is almost upon us, Kasey Kahne, Matt Kenseth and Michael Waltrip were all bitten by the inspection bug before the Daytona 500 even got underway. Kahne and Kenseth for flagged for unapproved alterations that enhanced the aerodynamics of their respective cars. In Waltrip's case, homeboy had his entire car confiscated following the discovery of a mysterious lubricant on the insided of his Toyota's intake manifold. The discovery has so baffled NASCAR inspectors that they shipped the intake manifold back to North Carolina for a more thorough inspection by NASCAR's R&D team. Michael might be seriously screwed; currently NASCAR does not even know if Waltrip will be allowed to race the 500 at all. Well, you know what they say:

"If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'!"

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Nice Fake Punt: Sean Taylor Powns Brian Moorman

I guess Sean Taylor didn't get the memo to let him know your not supposed to hit this hard in the Pro-Bowl.

Friday, February 9, 2007

3 Player Dunk

I ran across this on youtube and thought it was pretty cool.

Death of a Classic, Shelby Metcalf pass on

For 27 years, Shelby Metcalf owned the sidelines of Texas A&M, but he was not a football coach. Who was Shelby Metcalf? Coach Metcalf was the basketball coach at a football school for 27 years, longer than any tenured coach in the history of the now forgotten Southwest Conference. Shelby was colorful in a way that modern coaches are not. Sly wit and humor have been replaced by talking points and politically correct soundbites. Shelby possessed similar qualities as other colorful coaches like Tom Landry or Darryl Royal. In tribute to Shelby and courtesy of, here are some of Coach Metcalf's more memorable anecdotes:

After a tough nignt in Lubbock when the Tceh fans were throwing coins from the stands at the Aggie basketball players, a reporter asked Shelby about it. Shelby replied, "I told my players to show some class, and not pick
up anything less than a quarter."

"Son, looks to me like you're spending too much time on one subject." (recounting what he told a player who received four F's and one D)

After recruiting John Reynolds (lettered '64 & '65) by taking him fishing for two days on the Brazos:"You just can’t get real good players with catfish

Metcalf recruited Darryl McDonald, better known as "D-Mack the Playground King" in the late ’80s out Harlem. Despite Harlem’s rough reputation, Metcalf’s biggest obstacle in recruiting D-Mack was convincing him that College Station was a safe enough place. "He was scared to death of those gun racks in the back of all those pick-up trucks," Metcalf said with a laugh. "I finally convinced him that if he was OK in Harlem, he’d be just fine here."

Shelby had a few players one year who were having trouble academically. So he
enrolled them in basket weaving to get their grade points up. Shelby commented,
"Problem was, a couple of them were American-Indians, and they set such a high
curve that they flunked the others out."

After John David Crow fired him, the media asked Shelby what happened. Shelby said something along the lines of "I made a comment that I didn't think John David was all that bright. And I thought I was being generous."

"The only happy Aggie is an unhappy Aggie"

One time when asked about the fans "One day they're naming a street after ya...the next day they're chasin you down it"

The year or the year after the NCAA went from 2 refs to 3 refs doing a basketball game, someone asked Shelby how he liked it.Shelby said, " 3 blind mice are not any better than 2 blind mice!!"

A reporter was asking Shelby about the tough road schedule. Shelby replied something like ... "Yeah, we don't give the players meal money until they get on the bus, otherwise we couldn't field a team."

In 1966 the Ags went to Fayetteville to play the piggies. If we win, the SWC title is ours. Unfortunately we did not. He told a story about after the game bumping into a woman who turned around and really gave him a 'go to hell look'. Coach said, "no offense Ma'am", she replied, "no defense either".

Of the pencil thin former player Daryl McDonald, "he's living proof our
players don't use steroids" and of RC Buford, a not so quick forward and now
an NBA exec., "Instead of running the 4 corners to stall out the clock, we had RC
drive the baseline"

On current A&M coach Billy Gillispie: "(BCG) works so hard, i don't think he knows where he lives."

Metcalf recounted a wild tale that involved he and Barry Davis, who played
for the Aggies from 1975-76. The two went hunting, and by request of the owner
of the property Metcalf was to shoot the guy's old white mule, who had served
the family well but whose time had come. So Metcalf played a joke on Davis and
told him that the property owner was an angry fan — and to get revenge Metcalf
was going to shoot his mule. "But before I could tell him it was a joke," Metcalf said, smiling, "Barry had shot two of the guy's calves."

He once referred to one of his players as "a true student-athlete in every sense of the word," then added the postscript: "God, he's lonely around here.

Goodbye Shelby, we'll miss you.

Driving Mrs Earnhardt: Dale Jr. Soap Opera

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is fighting for majority ownership of the racing company DEI with his evil stepmother. Teresa Earnhardt is currently thought of around the racing community as a dead beat owner; not showing up for events etc; and has publicly questioned Jr.'s commitment to the team.

The twist in the story will come when Dale Jr.'s contract with DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc) comes to completion at the end of the season. Jr. told reporters at Daytona Media Day,

It has nothing to do with money and nothing else really... . My father has been gone for five, six years now. I want majority ownership. That's basically it.

Jr. is on record stating that if he does not receive 51% of the company, he will jump ship and join with Richard Childress Racing team, who is dad won 6 out of 7 titles with. Jr. has also said if he joins with Childress he will drive the black number 3 car his father drove.

Do you think we will see a driver going against his own company, in the car of the man that started it? Wouldn't it be funny if Jr. was in his dads car and someone was in his racing against him. Who knows.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Cowboys choo choo choose Phillips???!!?

Sources: Cowboys to name Phillips new head coach. Wow, what a stunner. The only parallel I could drive here was a classic Simpson's episode where Lisa gives the class nerd, Ralph, that famous valentine with the locomotive. Hiring Phillips is akin to a mercing killi.... errr.... hiring. Seriously, what the hell else were they going to do? They hired an Offensive Coordinator (Jason Garrett) before they hired a head coach.

Jerry Jones' message to Wade: "Hey buddy, I'll let you think you're in charge for a little while so you can babysit my 'guy' until he is ready to take over the team."

If a guy cannot hire his own OC then what it God's green earth gives him the confidence that he will be allowed to pick his own players on draft day? What self-respecting professional would want to relinquish control of his staff to the owner before he even steps foot in the door? Whover accepted the offer to take this job might as well castrat themselves before they ever set foot on the ranch.

I guess the obvious statement is that Phillips is a little more castrated than most. Good luck Wade!

Reflection on a Year of Bad Announcing

This year hit me pretty hard. It was a year that I new would come, but would never be ready for. The year Monday Night Football went to cable.

I had to make sure I wasn't the only one that thought the switch to ESPN for Monday Night Football came with some horrible announcing. I asked the guys over at AwfulAnnouncing a few questions to confirm my frustration.

How do you think the commentary compares to the old Monday night team of Madden and Michaels?

I don't think the two compare at all really. In the grand scheme of things both broadcast teams have more flaws than positives. Al and John just weren't/aren't what they used to be, and ESPN saw that and decided to change. I can't really fault them for it, but I can fault them for what they replaced them with.

While Tirico is pretty solid the Tony K and Theismann experiment is just not working. Al and John have an excuse....they are just old.

If you were in charge, what changes would you make to the ESPN team?

Wow good question.....The thing I've never understood is why stations they keep their best and most knowledgeable people on the pregame and halftime shows. Every sport they do this. With baseball it's Ravech.....with football it's Ron Jaworski. Jaws should most definitely be in the booth with Tirico. I also would have dropped Kornheiser and made a play for Tiki Barber.

If you had to get rid of an announcer on the team, who would it be and why.

I don't know if I could only choose one. Tony and Joe have got to go. I'm convinced that Joe Theismann was in an unknown car accident and lost every bit of football knowledge he had. Tony just isn't funny, and his good insights are few and far between. I guess if I had to choose I would keep Joe Theismann because he at least has a semblance of Football knowledge (albeit very little).

In light of the recent Super Bowl, what did you think of the coverage?

I thought the broadcast was pretty bad actually. For a team that good....with that much time to prepare.....they were dreadful. Nantz seemed bored, Simms was loud and incoherent, and neither commented on the weather once during the game. The halftime show wasn't bad, and the pregame was okay (minus the cirque du soleil).

Thanks to AwfulAnnouncing for taking the time out to answer our questions and confirm our sanity.

Check out AwfulAnnouncing.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Countering Amaechi's Gay Parade

Just to keep things straight around here, I offer up the following video. Now I'm not Erin Andrew's hugest fan, but apparently there is quite a lot of Erin-love floating around sports forums. She's not what I would consider model-hot, but I guess since she works in sports she is in some special category. So here you go Mr. Snicker's-chest-hair-puller, this one's for you:

First Gay NBA Player Comes Out of the Closet

John Amaechi will be the first NBA player to come out of the closet in the history of the league. Amaechi began his career with Cleavland in 95. After a short overseas hiatus, Amaechi came back and played for Orlando in 99 and 00, then signed with Utah for 01 and 02.

I bet his former teammates feel like I did after I watched the Snickers Super Bowl commercial. It's the aquivalent of me being in the locker room at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

NFL Rumor Wire

Carr Riding Off Into the Sunset?

Owner Bob McNair said, "We’ve got to get better consistency there, either with David or with some additional help. We need more consistency at quarterback." It will be interesting to how the Texans figure this one out. Word is that the Texans have their eye on Denver's recently benched quarterback Jake Plummer. After there last couple management decisions, who really cares.

Where's Jeff Going

After stepping in for injured McNabb, Jeff Garcia has made himself a valuable committee this off season. Reports say that Chicago, Minnesota, and Denver all have interest in the acquiring the ageless quarterback. Texans Maybe?

Randy Moss in Green Bay

Packers have expressed interest in wide receiver Randy Moss to fill a talent gap on the offensive side of the ball. I hope they have a "bitching gap" that needs filled as well.

Cowboys Are Going to Hire Norve Turner

This should turn from gossip to fact relatively quickly. Ron Rivera's interview at this point is a waist of time for both Rivera and Jones, because Jones already has his mind made up. Time will tell.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

White Men Can Dunk

Ran across this video on youtube and couldn't believe it. This kid can flat out jump.

Sir Charles Still Gambling

Over the weekend, recent hall of famer Charles Barkley won $700,000 betting on blackjack and the Super Bowl. Charles admits he has a problem, "But the problem is when you can't afford it. I can afford to gamble. I didn't kill myself when I lost two and half million dollars... I like to gamble and I'm not going to quit."

After hearing what Charles said about his gambling problem, I decided to reminiss on some of the round-mound-of-rebounds most memorable quotes.

"When I went to Philadelphia, it changed my personality 360 degrees."

Asked if he had ever been in the governor's office in Montgomery, Barkley said no. "They don't let many black people in the governor's mansion in Alabama," he said, "unless they're cleaning."

"The only thing Christian Laettner has in common with Larry Bird is they both pee standing up."

"In four years, I'll be the first black governor of Alabama. In eight years, I'll be the first black president."


Monday, February 5, 2007

Kansas Fought the Law, and the Law Won!

Law's big game lifts Aggies to first win over Jayhawks.

What? You mean there is another clutch player in the Big XII besides uber-phenom Kevin Durant? The entire country watched Saturday night as Texas A&M's indefatigable senior PG Acie Law, IV, dropped a three point bomb in the face of Kansas' ballyhooed Brandon Rush in the waning seconds of what proved to be an epic clash for sold possession of first place in the Big XII.

In a sport dominated by the NBA-worth talent teams comprised mainly of freshmen and sophormores, it's nice to see a senior step up and assert their will on a game. Add to the surprise of this upset (and it is a legit upset) the fact that in 31 tries, no Big XII South team has ever won in Phog Allen Arena, until now. Tonight on Big Monday we get to see everybody's consensus player of the year, Kevin Durant, march his Texas Longhorns in Aggieland and take on college basketball's most dominating defense. It will be quite a sight to see which player steps up to take the interstate crown: the phenom freshman or the unflappable senior. Should be a great game to watch.

And in yet another sign of the Apocalypse, FSU manages to defeat the Dukies in hallowed Cameron Indoor Arena for the first time, well, ever. The Cameron Crazies apparently sat stunned at the sight of the Seminoles partying up at midcourt. Can you blame them? Take nothing away from the effort by the underdogs, but this is a Duke program that hardly belonged on the Top 10. Their guard play is a far cry from the days of Bobby Hurley or Jason Williams. While recruiting players that are usually a combination that is both cerebral and freakish athleticism, this years team shows a front line that will no doubt end up in the NBA and a backcourt that will be luck to play in Italy. Look for the monster rivalry of North Carolina and Duke, this year, to be anything but. I expect the Tarheels this week to kick the Blue Devils right out of the Top 25.

Funniest Super Bowl XLI Commercials

Here are some of the commercials that I thought were pretty funny, which was your favorite?

K-Feds Commercial

Rock vs. Paper

Carlos Mencia Bud Light

Doritos Checkout

Chevy Carwash

My Favorite- Bud Light Hitch Hiker

Connectile Dysfunction

Colts Win SuperBowl XLI

So much for the Dan Marino comparison.

Unless you have been on an iceberge the last 24 hours, you know by now that the Colts won the Super Bowl. After Devin Hester took it to the house on the first play of the game. And the Bears got a hand on 3 of his first 4 passes, intercepting the last, it looked like Peyton Manning was in for a Super Bowl choke.

But Manning bounced back, executing long drives with great efficiency, managing the game perfectly, and throwing countless precision strikes agianst the Bears defense in the Miami rain. He proved that one day he deserves to be next to the Montana's, Aikman's, and other greats that have shown to be great Super Bowl leaders.

Here is some of the post game stats, I was 2 pionts off predicting the exact score, not bad.
Colts Bears

1st Downs 24 11
Rushing 12 3
Passing 11 8
Penalty 1 0
3rd-Down Conversions 8-18 3-10
4th-Down Conversions 0-1 0-1
Punts-Average 4-40.5 5-45.2
Return Yards 225 147
Punts-Returns 3-42 1-3
Kickoffs-Returns 4-89 6-138
Int.-Returns 2-94 1-6
Penalties-Yards 6-40 4-35
Fumbles-Lost 2-2 4-3
Time Of Pos. 38:04 21:56
Total Net Yards 430 265
Total Plays 81 48
Average Gain 5.3 5.5
Net Yards Rushing 191 111
Rushes 42 19
Avg. Per Rush 4.5 5.8
Net Yards Passing 239 154
Comp.-Att. 25-38 20-28
Yards Per Pass 6.1 5.3
Sacked-Yards Lost 1-8 1-11
Had Intercepted 1 2
Touchdowns 3 2
Rushing 1 0
Passing 1 1
Other 1 1
Extra Points 2-3 2-2
Other 0-1 0-0
Red Zone Efficiency 1-6-16% 1-1-100%
Goal To Go Efficiency 1-2-50% 1-1-100%
Safeties 0 0

Friday, February 2, 2007

"They call me Mr. Glass."

Grant Hill out at least two weeks with knee sprain.

Even when this guy is healthy he is hurt. Unbelievable. I want to like Grant Hill. I really want him to be the dominant, nice-guy, do-it-all small forward of yesteryear. The amazing thing is this guy still manages to get elected to All Star squads. Let us supposed we made a list of the most promising NBA players to never make a significant impact due to injury or smoking weed (Shawn Hemp!!!!), Grant Hill would probably be number two on the list. Of course, no one can touch Ralph Sampson (people forget how dominant Ralph was at Virginia) for the title of most-talented-dissapointment-ever-to-be-ruined-by-bad-knees, but if someone could come close it would be Grant Hill.

Good luck Grant, get well soon.

Favre Will Play Next Season

Hot off the presses from Jay Glazer at Fox Sports, Brett Farve has informed management for the Green Bay Packers that he will be returning for the 2007 season.

Brett said, "I am so excited about coming back,"We have a good nucleus of young players. We were 8-8 last year and that's encouraging."

There are many critics who did not want to see Farve make this announcement because they believe his skills have deteriorated, and he is just tarnishing his legacy. I think Brett should go as long as he wants, even if he is not playing well (which is not the case, he is better than alot of other starting QB's in the NFL).

I guess Brett's love for the game won't let him hang it up just yet. With a couple good moves in the off-season and maturation of his young talent, maybe Brett will be in the playoff hunt agian next season.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Should Gun Toten Tank Be in the Super Bowl?

"It all stems from the violence on TV and in the music."

"I don't like violence in this world, I can't stand it."

"A lot of people are out here just to get people, just to hurt people."

"I'm young, I'm black, I've got tattoos," Williams said. "So it's easy to stereotype me and put me into a category. I've learned a lot about people. And when you learn about people, you know to stay away from them."

These are all quotes coming from Chicao Bears Lineman Tank Johnson talking about his recent home invasion and arrest. Quotes coming from a man that that has been arrested 3 times in the last 8 months, not counting the upwards of 20 disturbance calls to his home.

"It all stems from the violence on TV and in the music." - or in this case, growing up trying to be like your favorite football star who totes a gun and smokes dope. But he is just a victim of profiling right? A man with a bad rep that had his house invaded wrongfully by the cops. Yea, and they just got lucky when they found 550 rounds of ammo, six guns, and weed.

"I don't like violence in this world, I can't stand it." -This is coming from a guy that told a cop that was trying to give his limmo driver a ticket,"You ain't the only one with a Glock. If it wasn't for your gun and your badge, I'd kick your ass." Oh, I forgot you can't stand violence.

"I'm young, I'm black, I've got tattoos," Williams said. "So it's easy to stereotype me and put me into a category. I've learned a lot about people. And when you learn about people, you know to stay away from them."- Give me a break. It doesnt matter if it was an eighty year old white WWII Veteran, if they had a record like his, and had done the same things he has done, they would have busted the Vet just like they did Tank. I would feel sorry for the guy if he had a clean record. But thats not the case.

After all he has done, not only does he get to continue to play, he gets to play in the greatest football game of them all.Every player in the NFL dreams of one day getting to play in the Super Bowl, and many of the NFL's greatest players, never even get a chance.

So do you think he should be allowed to play in the greatest sporting event in the world? Do you think the Bears decision to let him continue to play during his probation is right? Should the judge have let him be able to travel to Miami with no restrictions?

Ian O'Connor said it best,

Wonderful. Just perfect. Tank's really going to learn from his mistakes now that he's been forbidden to party anywhere but South Beach.

He should'nt be allowed to play in the Super Bowl. Period. I don't think that someone that is blessed with that much talent and money should be granted any more breaks than anyone else. Tank is a professional athlete and should start acting like a professional.

I guess you can take the gangsta out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the gangsta.

Super Bowl XLI Colts 36 Bears 7

Well you can go ahead and gets your bets in to your bookie because I already know the know who is going to win the Super Bowl.

How you ask?

Simple, John Madden told me. Well, Maybe not directly, but through a video game that he licensed.

Ok, I let the computer teams play through it on Madden 07. So you may want to hold off on the bets.