Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Peyton's Going to Win the Superbizzle

This video is just too funny to pass up.

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

K Fed's New Super Bowl Commercial

Heres Kevin's new commercial to be aired during Super Bowl XLI.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Laraque vs Ivanans

This is awsome, they don't even have to talk trash.

Eli Manning in the KKK?

The good news for the Manning family, Peytons in the Super Bowl. The Bad news, Eli just got picked up for the murder of 2 black men.

Just Kidding. But I saw this story on MSNBC and could'nt help but notice the striking resemblence between the two. You be the judge.

Acorrding to the AP

A reputed Ku Klux Klansman accused in the 1964 slayings of two black men pleaded not guilty Thursday, and in a measure of how things have changed across the South, the judge he stood before was a black woman.

With his wrists and ankles shackled, 71-year-old James Ford Seale repeatedly addressed the judge as “ma’am,” a social courtesy whites typically denied to blacks in Mississippi 43 years ago.

Seale was arrested Wednesday on federal charges of kidnapping and conspiracy. Prosecutors said Charles Eddie Moore and Henry Hezekiah Dee, both 19, were seized and beaten by Klansmen, then thrown into the Mississippi River to drown.

Super Bowl XLI Colts vs. Bears Predictions

The path to the Super Bowl of these two teams has been somewhat similar. Both had stellar regular season records, that slumped towards the end of the season.

The Colts offense struggled at the beginning of the playoffs, and at halftime of the AFC championship game, it looked like Peyton Manning's playoff CD was stuck on repeat. Unbelievable numbers in the regular season, then playoff shutdown. I have been a Peyton Manning fan since he came into the league, and even I was ready to change the channel at halftime.

But what happened next was by far the most defining moment in his career, and what I think will catapult him from one of the good quarterbacks of his generation, to one of the greatest of all-time. He led his team to the greatest come back in AFC Championship history, and for the first time, saw and gave what it takes to win the big game. And this is what I think will be the difference between these two teams in the Super Bowl this year. Leadership.

I think the Colts will win because Peyton Manning is going to be more focused, driven, and more compelled to victory than any player or person on or off the field on Sunday. His entire legacy is at stake, and I think for the first time in his career, he has a lot of confidence going into a big game.

The only way the Bears will win on Sunday is if they produce a lot of turnovers via special teams. The Bears offense will not be very productive, and will have to rely on their defense as they have done all season to win the game. This will prove to be very difficult for the Bears, being that the Colts are very stingy when it comes to turning the ball over on offense.

Although the Colts have a better offense than the Bears do defense, and that the Bears have one of the all-time idiot quarterbacks to make it to the Super Bowl, one place the Bears have a huge advantage is special teams. The Colts special teams has coughed the ball up multiple times in the playoffs, and has very poor kickoff and punt coverage, which could prove to be deadly if they don't contain Devin Hester.

In summary, barring any huge plays by the Bears special teams, I think the Colts win 31-17. Hopefully I will go 3 for 3 on the new blog. Let me hear some of yall's thoughts.

Shaq Fu

This weekend, Shaquille O Neal chased down a driver that had allegedly ran into the back of his Cadillac Escalade and alerted police. According to MSN,

O'Neal and bodyguard Jerome Crawford followed the driver for about five minutes. When the driver, identified by The Miami Herald as 18-year-old Emmnueo Cibrin of Tampa, stopped near a gas station, O'Neal approached the car and summoned a nearby police officer.

Police did not release an incident report Sunday night. Miami-Dade Corrections officials said they had no record of anyone by Cibrin's name being booked on a criminal charge, and it was unclear if he was ticketed for any moving violations.

O Neal is a reserve police officer for the Miami Beach Police Department and has been vocal with his intents to pursue a career in law enforcement after his basketball career.

I hope the Miami department has a good workmans comp program.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ten Best in Game Dunks of All-Time

I watched this the other night, and although all the dunks are good, I feel like some are missing. The dunks they chose for Jordan and Wilkins best I think are mediocre. Vince is defineitly number one. Leave comments on and links to the ones you think are missing.

More Bad News for Reggie Bush -- TAPES!!!

Pete Carroll should just jump back to the NFL now because after all the evidence Yahoo! has piled up on all the gifts agents made to Bush and family, USC won't have any scholarships to give all their prized recruits. We're talking revocation of a national title and possible a Heisman Trophy. Bonus!

More at Deadspin

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Too Good To Be True: No Drug Comercials During the SuperBowl

Apparently the high price tags on this years Super Bowl adds are driving away some potential clients.

According to

Some advertisers admittedly avoided the Super Bowl last year because of the high price tag and the unswervingly critical eye the media and the public place upon Super Bowl ad creative. This year, even some of those advertisers who have purchased ads during the big game are avoiding pre-game hype, writes AdAge.

The majority of the 13 advertisers who will advertise, such as AIG, FedEx, CareerBuilder, GoDaddy, Honda, Snickers, Nationwide Insurance and Taco Bell, have been quiet about their purchase (though it's difficult to believe that GoDaddy will remain mum), while not a single pharmaceutical, movie-studio or telecom brand has publicly announced its presence.

A few of the drug manufacturers we won't he to see that advertised in last years Super Bowl include GlaxoSmithKline, Roche Pharmaceuticals, Eli Lily, and Schering-Plough.

But what could be better than Mike Ditka testifying for Levitra? Oh Mike, how far we have fallen.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Throw Your Weed Away Michael !!!

This just proves that even though people graduate college, they only learn if they want to. Heres a few things courtesy of SNL that Mike should have thought about before trying to sneak weed on a plane, in Miami, in a water bottle.

Raider's Hire 31-year old USC Offensive Coordinator as New Head Coach

Wow, don't think I've ever seen a hire this young in Division I college football much less the NFL. Moreover, I don't think I've seen a successfull move to the NFL by an established Division I head football coach to the NFL since Jimmy Johnson went to the Cowboys way back in the day? Steve Spurrier, Pete Carroll, and Butch Davis all went to the NFL with great resumes. Spurrier and Davis jumped the season following National Titles. Kiffin has never ran a program, ever.

This gentleman, Kiffin, has been the offensive coordinator at USC for two years since the departure of Norm Chow, who is now the offensive coordinator at Tennessee. Now, Norm Chow designed and built Pete Carroll's offense at USC, which as coincidence would have it has the added bonus of displaying the most talented team in all of D1 college ball. Kiffin, hasn't even been around long enough to make any significant changes in Chow's system. As a matter of fact, last I checked, Chow won the National Title at USC with his offense and split. Since Kiffin took over, they have won the conference. And somehow this young man is experienced enough to take over the most unstable team in the NFL???

Again, wow.

Monday, January 22, 2007

NFL's Greatest Hits

This is a great video I came across on youtube of some nasty hits. Check it out.

Manning Brady Role Reversal

In an electrify game Sunday, Peyton Manning drove his team down the field late in the game to score the winning touchdown and cap the biggest comeback in AFC Championship game history. Disproving many critics that said he couldn't win in big games and would never even make it to the Super Bowl.

What I find interesting is that Mr. Clutch, the goldenboy Tom Brady isnt even mentioned when critics and analysts talk about the game.

Over the last several years, Manning has been labeled by the media as a habitual choke artist and Brady as the Savior of Football. Whats funny is that Peyton Manning has 29 career game winning drives where as Brady had 24. Granted 5 of Brady's game winning drives were in the playoffs, but by no means shuts does Manning shut down when the game is on the line.

My piont is, it has been completely left out of almost all the commentary I have read on the game that Brady still had a chance to take his team down the field and win the game, but instead through the game losing interception.

I am a Manning fan so ultimately I have a little frustation built up over the years that I may be projecting onto Brady, but sports writers have left this out of most every recap of the game I have read. Brady is a great quarterback and is one of the most clutch quarterbacks in recent history, he has a playoff record that backs it up, but he definitely choked Sunday.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Will Rex Fold?

Rex has had his good moments, and he defineitly has had his bad. But you have to wonder which Rex is going to show up today. Will it be the unstoppable 4 TD 148 passer rating Rex, or will it be the mind on the party, 3 interceptions blow the entire game Rex.

One thing is for sure the whole game is in his hands. As long as he doesn't turn the ball over trying to force big plays, I think the Bears have a good shot. I don't like Rex Grossman, and I don't perticularly like the Bears, but I think alot of the critics are writing them off a little too earlier, especially because everyone wants to see the Cinderella Saints win the Superbowl.

I think the Saints definetly have the offensive firepower, and their defense is par. So it all hinges on Grossman. If he gets out of this game with a QB rating over 75 the Bears will win 20-17. If he implodes, Saints in a blowout.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Colts vs. Patriots Prediction

Anyone who expected to see the Ravens vs. Chargers is probably a little upset right now. But is it any surprise that the two teams with the most playoff experience are the ones who have emerged on top?

Everyone knows the storied history of these two franchises, Brady's Superbowl Rings, Peytons enormous noose he hangs himself with about this time every year. So is there any reason to believe that history won't repeat itself this season? I think so.

First of all, in previous years Peyton Manning had to carry the Colts on his back, hoping to outscore his opponents in order to get a win. This year, the role has been reversed. The Colts horrible run defense has shown signs of life in the playoffs, and the return of Bob Sanders has seemed to turn them from "soft", to hard as a brick wall. Granted the two teams that Indy has played in the playoffs weren't exactly offensive juggernauts, but critics were arguing if the chiefs would get 300 or 400 yards on the ground with Larry Johnson.

Second, Brady doesn't look poised like years past. He tried to give the game to the Chargers last Sunday. Kevin Hench comments on Brady's latest playoff performance:

Not only did Brady throw three picks directly to San Diego defenders — a fourth pick was dropped — but he also overthrew an open Jabar Gaffney on what would have been a TD and missed a wide-open Ben Watson by 10 yards on another. On Brady's second pick, he under threw Troy Brown by 15 yards. Brady may have found a way to get it done at the end, but the uncharacteristic throws have fans in New England wondering and whispering about the health of their hero's shoulder.

Lastly, the Colts have Vinatieri. Not only money in the playoffs, he is a machine in the RCA Dome. Vinatieri 26 for 26 in the RCA Dome for his career. All the Colts have to do is move the ball 45 yards and they come away with 3 points.

Despite all my speculation, Belichick and Brady are sure to make it a hell of a game, but the Colts will win 27-21.

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

LaDainian Tomlinson Pissed

After the Loss to the Patriots, LaDanian Tomlinson charged towards the middle of the field pissed off at that one of the Patriot players was mocking the trade mark dance of his teamate Shawn Merriman.

After the game Tomlinson commented:

I don't know what bad blood is flowing between Belichick and Tomlison, but I would be pissed to if I was the number one seed going into the playoffs and got owned at home. Will be funny if the Patriots lose to the Colts and Belichick coaches Tomlinson at the Pro Bowl. What did you expect, Marty to win a playoff game?

Monday, January 15, 2007

Reggie Bush Gets Hammered

I figured the first post on the new blog should be something good. With that in mind, here is Reggie Bush getting welcomed into his first post season by Sheldon Brown.