Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Around the NBA

Last night there was a pretty good selection of NBA games to choose from:

Kings vs. Sixers

In the battle of bad teams, the Sixers proved to be not as bad as the Kings, overtaking them 89-82. The Sixers were led by Andre Iguodala who had 20 pts 8 reb 7 ast. Dalembert dominated the paint, pulling down 20 boards to go with 17 points.

Knicks vs. Heat

Miami lost to the Knicks 93-99, moving them to 27-29. For those of you who are track of W's since DWade got injured they fall to 1-2. One thing that astonishes me is that announcers believe DWade is Gods gift to the NBA. All I hear is how the Heat are going to be lost without him and his leadership. DWade is a great player, he pours in 30 a night, opens up the court for the rest of the team, and does many other things on the court. But last time I checked, they were losing when DWade was in the line-up. Oh, and before you start comparing him to Jordan, make sure he can carry a team like MJ.

Spurs vs. Toronto

For all the talk about how far the Spurs have fallen this season, they don't seem to be doing that bad. They have won 5 in a row and took down the Raptors last night 107-91.

Hawks vs. Mavericks

The Mavericks beat the Hawks 110-87 become the first team in history to have 4 12 win streaks in a single season. Dirk had 27 points and 8 boards to lead the Mavericks. Can you say 70 W's.

Other scores

Magic beat the Bulls 94-87
Nuggets beat the Grizzles 111-107
Celtics beat the Rockets 77-72
Lakers beat the Jazz 102-94
Supersonics beat the Trailblazers 73-97
Clippers beat the Bobcats 93-100

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