Friday, February 9, 2007

Driving Mrs Earnhardt: Dale Jr. Soap Opera

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is fighting for majority ownership of the racing company DEI with his evil stepmother. Teresa Earnhardt is currently thought of around the racing community as a dead beat owner; not showing up for events etc; and has publicly questioned Jr.'s commitment to the team.

The twist in the story will come when Dale Jr.'s contract with DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc) comes to completion at the end of the season. Jr. told reporters at Daytona Media Day,

It has nothing to do with money and nothing else really... . My father has been gone for five, six years now. I want majority ownership. That's basically it.

Jr. is on record stating that if he does not receive 51% of the company, he will jump ship and join with Richard Childress Racing team, who is dad won 6 out of 7 titles with. Jr. has also said if he joins with Childress he will drive the black number 3 car his father drove.

Do you think we will see a driver going against his own company, in the car of the man that started it? Wouldn't it be funny if Jr. was in his dads car and someone was in his racing against him. Who knows.

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Army Strong said...

If Junior jumps, Bud goes with him. He'll be driving a Black number 3 Budweiser car and will be the most successful car in history from a merchandise aspect. Additionally, fans will boycott whatever cars are fielded by DEI to the point where the team will lose money, eventually suck, and operate in relative obscurity and suckiness a la Petty Enterprises.