Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Sir Charles Still Gambling

Over the weekend, recent hall of famer Charles Barkley won $700,000 betting on blackjack and the Super Bowl. Charles admits he has a problem, "But the problem is when you can't afford it. I can afford to gamble. I didn't kill myself when I lost two and half million dollars... I like to gamble and I'm not going to quit."

After hearing what Charles said about his gambling problem, I decided to reminiss on some of the round-mound-of-rebounds most memorable quotes.

"When I went to Philadelphia, it changed my personality 360 degrees."

Asked if he had ever been in the governor's office in Montgomery, Barkley said no. "They don't let many black people in the governor's mansion in Alabama," he said, "unless they're cleaning."

"The only thing Christian Laettner has in common with Larry Bird is they both pee standing up."

"In four years, I'll be the first black governor of Alabama. In eight years, I'll be the first black president."



Army Strong said...

Sir Charles is a classic. Twenty years from now we'll still be talking about Charles Barkley and, well, Charles Barkly will be still talking.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Gambling is something that every human being has the right to do, and politicians should keep their noses out of what people do for entertainment or within the comfort of their own homes.