Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gary Matthews Jr. Denys Taking HGH

Today, Gary Matthews Jr. denied that he ever took HGH in 2004 from a pharmacy that is currently under investigation for selling steriods. It took Matthews 16 days to respond to the accusations saying,

"I have never taken HGH during the 2004 season or any other time," Matthews said in a statement. "Nobody has accused me of doing so, and no law enforcement authority has said I am a target of any investigation for doing so."

When asked why it took so long to respond to the accusations he said, "I had to think of a good lie". Just Kidding. He really said,
"Before saying anything publicly I wanted to make absolutely sure of my ground," he said. "In particular, I needed to try to learn whether anybody in authority in or out of baseball felt they had reason to accuse me of anything with regard to HGH. If they did, I would have to deal with that. It has taken me, and those representing me, 16 days to make certain that's not the case. And that is why it has taken longer than I would have preferred to make a public statement."
Ok, you have to help me with this. If you didn't do it, why would you have to do all this investigating? Couldnt you just deny it? To me, his statement pretty much says, "We had to do some investigating to see how much evidence they actually found agianst me before I could try and lie my way out of it."

He didn't take HGH. Yea, and Evander Holyfield, I mean Evan Fields didn't either.

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