Thursday, March 1, 2007

Should Pippen & Miller Come Out of Retirement?

Rumors around the NBA are running rampant that both Reggie Miller and Scottie Pippen are plotting comebacks to make a playoff run this season with a contending team. But should either of them even consider coming out of retirement? I say yes, and no.

The main reason critics want Scottie and Reggie to be stay at home is to protect the all important legacy. To me, if you like playing the game, if that's what makes you happy, do it till you can't anymore. Obviously a time comes in every athletes life where his body can no longer take the everyday punishment that professional sports dishes out, but in the case of Scottie Pippen and Reggie Miller, that is not an issue yet. If your body is in good shape, and you still have the fire, I don't see a problem with that.

This is the situation I think Pippen is in. The guy has accomplished everything imaginable in basketball, but still wants to play for the simple reason, that is what he loves to do. Athletically, the guy is a freak of nature. Even now, in his twilight years, the guy has the body fat of an Olympian, and I am sure he still has some game. I would like to see him come back.

Reggie on the other hand, I don't like his motives. I hate seeing players in there golden years start moving from team to team with their one year, overpaid contracts chasing rings (ex. Gary Payton). It is disgusting. Payton couldn't get it done when he was the one leading the team, then joins a team to have someone else give it to him. I'm not sure if this is what Reggie has in mind, but if it is, I hope he sticks with broadcasting.


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ with your assesment of the situation. It is my understanding that Cuba approached Reggie, and that Reggie at no point initiated contact with any team to "chase a ring". Scottie however put himself out there - he's the one that appears to have unpure motives. Maybe he's just trying to get one more ring than Michael.

KicKnWinG 2 said...

Like I said, I am not sure what Reggie has in mind. I didn't know Cuban contacted Reggie or the exact situation, and I'm not sure anyone really does. I was saying I didn't like his motives "if",that was the case. Pippen, clearly has nothing to gain or add to his legacy with a comeback, playing an off-the-bench role and getting paid that type of money. He simply wants to play ball.

Anonymous said...

If Scottie jst wants to play, he wouldn't be only looking at teams with a good shot at the championship.

I must re-state that everything I read indicates Dallas, specifically Cuban brought up Reggie's name. I think that Reggie staying with the Pacer's his entire career, and him stating from the time the rumours stated he had no intention of returning tell us all we need to know about his character and motivations.

I must also add that since he DID NOT seek out Dallas, I would not have lost one iota of respect for Mr. Miller had he decided to take them up on the offer and go for the gold.

twins15 said...

My POV is that if the guys are wanted and they still want to play, why not? Who am I to say a guy shouldn't come back and play pro basketball?

KicKnWinG 2 said...

You have good points about Reggie, and I agree with what you have told me. But I still think Scottie just wants to play and be competitive. Ill say that then a week after he comes back he'll release a new book.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for agreeing on the Reggie points.

You and I must continue to disagree on Scottie and his motivations. And my memory might be a little hazy, but I recall those trips up and down the court seemed to take a lot out of him in the final year or so.

1) Scottie never won a ring without Michael - I think he'd like to prove he can.

2) I am not the only one who feels Scottie was a choke artist - maybe he'd like to show us we are wrong.

3) I am also not alone in feeling Scottie did not deserve a place in the NBA Top 50. He's a great player, great defender - but all those ring Michael gave him add to his rep.

He has much to prove - I fear however all he'll be proving is he's old. Maybe that will be the name of his book.