Monday, April 9, 2007

A&M Hires Mark Turgeon- The Best Man For the Job?

By now you may know, Billy Gillespie has shipped off to Kentucky. And I believe he may have taken A&M's best shot at establishing a legitimate basketball program with him.

A&M has never much been known for their basketball program until late, when savior Billy Gillespie came in and turned the worst team in the Big 12, into a legitimate NCAA tournament team. Now is probably one of the most crucial times in the A&M basketball program, they have established both success and recruiting.

Texas A&M will announce soon that they have hired Wichita State coach,Mark Turgeon.I don't believe that hiring another up and coming coach will be the best step for the A&M program. Is a guy that has a record of 128-90 and finished 17-14, sixth in the Valley at 8-10 going to be able to keep A&M's recruits as well as take their program forward?

Why didn't they go after a big name head coach that has a established reputation for success? They might have had to dish out a little more money, but I think it would have been well worth it. A&M hasn't had a shot like this to build a reputation of success for their basketball program in the schools history.

Who knows, Mark Turgeon could be the next big thing, the next Billy Gillespie.

But why risk it?


Hurst said...

I agree....kinda. Yes, I wish A&M could have hired a bigger name b/c then we might have a better chance of keeping this years recruits but on the flip side what if a bigger name comes in and then jumps a few years down the road to another top 5 program?
Where's the consistency thats needed to build the program?? Obviously there is both good and bad with the hire and hopefully Byrne made the right decision.

Army Strong said...

We'll find out pretty darn quick to see if Turgeon can hold onto what is a stellar recruiting class for A&M.

He appears to have all the right characteristics of a coach who can win on the majore college level. He can win in a competative conference. His teams can beat you with tough defense. His teams can win with multiple offensive sets. He can outcoach you.

Oh, and reportedly he is a great recruiter with Texas success. Should make for an interesting year.