Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Michael Waltrip Falls Asleep at the Wheel aka Drunk Driving

Here's the story from Fox Sports,

So this is what I have gathered so far:

1. He was out at 2 o clock in the morning

2. "Waltrip lost control of his SUV while driving around a curve and overcorrected." (Doesn't this guy get paid millions to be a professional driver?)

3. He leaves the scene at 2 in the morning and walks the rest of the way home. He doesn't call anyone to pick him up, a tow truck, cops, nothing.

4. No one can find him till the next day. (after hes slept it off)

5. His excuse is horrible, "For 25 years I have had a great driving record. I consider myself to be a courteous and safe driver on public roads. I never expected to fall a sleep behind the wheel of a car." (We are supposed to believe this from a guy who just caught cheating.)

I guess he could have just "fallen asleep"......aka passed out.

Doesn't it sound a little fishy?


Army Strong said...

Can I get a witness in the congregation??!!!

Anonymous said...

He is full of it! He was definitely drunk. Lame excuse that he was showering in the back poolhouse when the trooper came to his house. He was hiding out sobering up while talking to his attorney on the phone.