Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Tim Duncan hopes refs don't screw Spurs in playoffs

According to ESPN, NBA commissioner David Stern indefinately suspended veteran referee Joey Crawford, who has worked more postseason games than any active ref.

Said Duncan, "I didn't do anything to invoke the reaction that he gave to me and what he did, so I had nothing to do with that...So hopefully they take that into consideration and we get a fair shake from everybody."

Let's see Tim, after getting (obviously) unfairly ejected the other night against the Mavs, Mr. Duncan goes on a media tyrade against the most senior and respected NBA ref on the planet, Joey Crawford. Crawford is now suspended and most likely (according to Crawford) will never referee another game in the NBA. Did I mention these referee types are union?
Timmy, you better do more than hope, buddy. Got religion?

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KicKnWinG 2 said...

I think this all falls back on Stern. The guy makes one of the most ludacris rules in sports history, then tells the officials to take zero tolerance. Tells them to make examples out of those who disobey.

One of the refs actually buys into his system, boots a superstar, now Stern hangs him out to dry.

Shouldn't have made the dumb rule in the first place.

Im glad Crawford is gone I cant stand the guy. Maybe now we won't have a D-Wade Finals where he shoots more freethrows by himself than the entire opposing team.