Monday, June 11, 2007

Spurs Spank Cavs

I can't wait for football season. This has got to be one of the most uninteresting, lopsided NBA Finals in history. The NBA is in serious need of some resuscitation and its savior is choking.

Lebron has one good game, I'm sorry, one good half in the playoffs and all of the sudden he is Jordan material. Last time I checked Jordan didn't have to chang his huggies at half time.

This series is a joke.

Lebron is a joke.

The NBA is a joke.

David Stern has ruined the NBA.

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Army Strong said...

Blame the lottery. Two pretty decent Western teams that didn't need much help landed to two best players to come along in years. All those sucky Eastern teams aren't getting anything but mismanaged.

Oden and Durant are pretty much guaranteeing that the West is going to keep the finals boring for years to come, well, unless the Mavs get back and choke away another title.