Thursday, July 5, 2007

Grant Hill Headed to Suns Injured List

Grant Hill has informed the world that he will be playing with the Suns next season. If he can stay healthy, his numbers will be there. I commend the guy for only taking 1.83 million next year with a player option to return in 2008-09. Lets face it, the guy doesn't need money, he needs rings.

Hill is coming off one of his healthier seasons in the last few years only missing 17 regular-season games this season with a knee sprain and other minor injuries. I am rooting for Grant, but history has a tendency to repeat itself. And as much as I would like to see him start and put up 25 a night, he will more likely than not end up being an overpaid cheerleader.

At least they are only giving him 1.8 mil to sit on the sideline instead of the seven-year, $92 million contract Orlando gave him.

But if I were Grant and I was chasing a ring in the twilight of my career, I wouldn't have gone to a team who habitually chokes every year in the playoffs.


Kasey Loessberg said...

I agree. Jalen Rose found out how cool Phoenix was sitting on the bench. Now Grant still has more game left, but he'll be lucky to average 10 points a game. There is only one ball to go around.

restrictedfreedom said...

I think if he were going to go anywhere and make a difference, it's Phoenix. This was a good pick-up for the Suns and Steve Nash should bring out the old all-star Hill. Well, hopefully for his sake.