Friday, July 20, 2007

Steve Francis Heading Back to H Town

The Houston rockets have reached an agreement with former New York guard Steve Francis. He was sent to the Knicks in 2006 in the trade that brought Tracy McGrady to Houston.

A draft night deal he last month sent to Portland, who bought out the remainder of his 30 million dollar contract.

Steve still maintains a house in Houston and spent some of last season there while he was rehabbing his knee.

Francis' agent Jeff Friend said, "When you look back at a few months ago and the status of things and fast forward to today, it's really something that probably could not have been planned or implemented any better."

Fried said Francis chose the Rockets because of his "comfort factor" with the team and because he believes he can be a "meaningful participant in the overall success" in Houston.

Francis was a premier guard in the league a few years ago before he was plagued with injury. He is exactly what the rockets need. If he can stay healthy and get back to where he went into the black whole of New York, the Rockets could be dangerous enough to lose in the second round.

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