Friday, November 30, 2007

Cowboys look good

The Cowboys looked good last night, coasting to a 37-27 victory over injured Brett Favre and the Pack.

Romo threw for 309 yds and 4 touchdowns giving TO 156 yds and a TD. Patrick Crayton chimed in with 2 TD's and Fasano with one. Favre went out early with 2 INT's and was replaced by A. Rodgers who did a pretty good job of not turning the ball over and managing the game.

The Cowboys are progressing nicely and have become stronger each week. Here are a Couple things I noticed the Cowboys need to work on.

1. Sit Julius Jones on the bench....forever.

2. Don't throw the ball to Terrell Owen's in the clutch or when he is standing wide open in the End Zone.

The due return of Terry Glenn is sure to help the boys who look pretty good agianst a 10-1 Packers team. Everything is going right for the Cowboys right now, well see if it can last through the first round of the playoffs


Army Strong said...

The fufure of the Pack is in goods hands with Rogers; future fantasy stud.

Chris said...

love barber. The guy runs like he's mad at the world. Good quality to have in a back.