Wednesday, December 5, 2007

SEAN TAYLOR MURDER: Suspects have criminal past and myspace pages

By Beverly Francis, Wink News

Fort Myers- Eric Rivera's Myspace page says it all. The page is filled with pictures showing Rivera's obsession with money, surrounded by stacks of one hundred dollar bills.Sheriff's records show in the past couple of months, Rivera has been charged with multiple felonies, the most recent, less than two months ago.

Most of the charges involve drugs and weapons, but Rivera isn't the only one to have a past with police.We discovered all four suspects in the Sean Taylor case have criminal histories.Before his recent arrest, records show 20-year-old Venjah Hunte racked up several drug charges, and there are at least two drug-related felonies on 18-year-old Charles Wardlow's record.

As for Jason Mitchell, he's never been arrested for drugs, but has had his share of apperances in front of a judge.Like Rivera, Mitchell too has a love for money that's apparent on his Myspace page.Now investigators must prove if that desire for wealth is connected to the death of an NFL star.

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