Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Moss is the force behind Pats' record offense

Moss is the force behind Pats' record offense
Malcontent. Selfish. Randy Moss has heard it all. A career year and a Super Bowl appearance changed all that, Mark Kriegel says.

T.O. owes Eagles portion of signing bonus
Terrell Owens should set aside part of his roster bonus from Dallas to pay his old team a debt. An arbitrator ruled in favor of the Philadelphia Eagles last Friday on a grievance that was filed by the NFL players' union on Owens' behalf in 2005, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Tuesday, citing a league source. A team spokesman said the Eagles wouldn't comment. Owens' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, didn't immediately return a phone message. The union disputed the Eagles' effort to recover $1. has launched many new football widgets that offer scores, stats, and news

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Hit List: Burress, Cassel say the strangest things
Just when Kevin Hench thought Super Bowl media day couldn't get any odder, one amazing woman proved him wrong.

Native Americans nearly hosted Super Bowl XLII
This is the site of Super Bowl XLII. But Greg Boeck explains the nation's biggest sporting event nearly landed on Native American soil.

Crennel signs two-year extension with Browns
Willie McGinest always believed Romeo Crennel would turn the Cleveland Browns into winners. For a long time, though, it seemed like the 36-year-old linebacker was about the only who did. "There was a lot of prejudgment about Romeo," said McGinest, who played for Crennel in New England. "And it was really unfair. It takes time. It takes players, and it takes a coach to do that." Crennel did it.

Owens unhappy with union; not worried about money
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens is unhappy with the player's union: "Honestly, I'm disappointed in the union. The second time that we've kind of used their services, I've been very, very disappointed in that,'' he said on an ESPN radio show from the Super Bowl.

Owens was defended by the NFLPA when he fought the Philadelphia Eagles' suspension of him in November 2005, and in this matter. The Eagles contended that after they suspended Owens for "conduct detrimental to the team,'' he owed them $1.725 million of his $2.3 million signing bonus. They withheld his remaining paychecks, but still fell nearly $800,000 short of the total they'd sought.

"I'm not going to really worry about the money, money doesn't really make me,'' Owens said. "I'm very fortunate to be where I am, and I'll leave that in the past.''

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