Thursday, February 28, 2008

Coughlin's new deal: 4 years, $21 million

Coughlin's new deal: 4 years, $21 million

Tom Coughlin's new contract with the New York Giants covers the next four seasons, is worth about $21 million and moves him into the upper echelon of the NFL's highest-paid coaches. There are only minor details and contract language to be completed, and the deal could be announced as early as next week according to the New York Daily News.

The $5.25 million average will place Coughlin below only Mike Holmgren, who will earn around $8 million in what will be his final season in Seattle, and presumably New England's Bill Belichick, who agreed to an extension last season. Belichick was believed to be making $4.2 million per year in his old deal.

Green Bay brass believes Favre will return
Mark Murphy, the Green Bay Packers' new president and CEO, said Wednesday that he believes Packers quarterback Brett Favre will return next season.

"My guess is that he will come back," Murphy said at a newsmaker lunch sponsored by the Milwaukee Press Club.�"We all anticipate that he'll make a decision very soon," he said. "Probably this week some time. Before the end of the month."

Bears won't, Jets will, make play for Faneca

The Chicago Bears are in the market for a left guard, but don't expect Alan Faneca to be on their shopping list when the free-agent signing period begins at 11 p.m. Thursday.

An NFL source told the Chicago Tribune Wednesday the Bears won't be a major player for Faneca, Pittsburgh's seven-time Pro Bowl player. Faneca is the top offensive lineman on the board and could command a deal with as much as $20 million guaranteed-likely too much for the Bears.

The source also doubted the Bears would be major players for any of the free agents with bigger names because of their hope of re-signing their own players. The New York Jets are one of the teams prepared to make a serious push for Faneca.

Bill Belichick, gay idol
Okay, maybe not. But Bill Belichick does the grace the cover of the newest Boston Spirit, "Boston's premier magazine for the gay and lesbian community."

No, he's not coming out, and no, the magazine did not recruit him to do a lengthy, detailed interview about what Tom Brady looks like in the shower.�

In fact, the article inside, about whether or not the city of Boston is ready to accept a gay athlete, has little to do with Belichick at all. They put Belichick on the cover, because, according to publisher David Zimmerman, "He is currently the most recognizable coach in the New England area."

I don't know why it had to be a coach. I don't presume that I can speak for the gay men of Boston, but wouldn't a Tom Brady cover have drawn more interest? But I guess if they had put Brady on the cover, every gay man in Boston would've called in sick the day the magazine hit the stands. It would've been terrible for productivity in New England ... but probably pretty good for hand lotion sales.

My alternate theory is that Belichick called up Spirit and asked if he could be the cover boy, just to agitate Tony Dungy.

Think Bill Belichick will get into ’Spirit’ of things? / Boston Herald

Giants interested in DeAngelo Hall?
One name that has surfaced prior to free agency that has piqued the interest of the New York Giants. Atlanta Falcon corner back DeAngelo Hall is not a free agent, but he is on the trading block. He says the chances he'll return to Atlanta are "slim and none,'' according to the New York Post.

An unquestioned talent and two-time Pro Bowler, Hall is only 24 years old, but his brief NFL career has been marked by more than the occasional outburst. An infamous sideline diatribe directed at unpopular coach Bobby Petrino led to a fine and partial suspension for Hall.

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