Monday, February 18, 2008

Eli Manning is suddenly marketable enough to be Madden's cover boy

Eli Manning is suddenly marketable enough to be Madden's cover boy
I wonder what's the largest amount of money one athlete has ever made from a single game or single play.

Mike Eruzione's goal was probably quite lucrative (especially since his earnings in hockey from that point on were somewhere around $0). Cedric Ceballos made way too much money after winning the dunk contest, and Buster Douglas's win over Mike Tyson drastically changed his financial future.

I'm not saying that Eli Manning is going the way of Mike Eruzione, Cedric "The Franchise" Ceballos, or Buster Douglas. However, if he never has another good game again, he should make damn sure he cashes in on this Super Bowl thing.

Rumors are out there that Eli's going to be the cover boy for EA Sports' Madden 09. Deadspin noted them yesterday, and you can see further unsubstantiated talk about it here and here. I actually see no reason to believe that the rumors are true, but then again, there's no reason to believe they aren't true, either. He's got that kind of shine now.

Imagine that ... Eli Manning on the cover of Madden. It's still a little hard to grasp that Eli's that marketable.

If you'd have told me a year ago that that would've been a possibility, I'd have assumed that EA had gone bankrupt after sinking all their resources into their new "Doris Burke '09" WNBA game franchise, and they got Eli to do the cover for free after Trent Dilfer and Dennis Northcutt turned them down.

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