Saturday, February 2, 2008

Goodell touches on various topics in 'State of NFL'

Goodell touches on various topics in 'State of NFL'
NFL commissioner Roger Goodell announced the New Orleans Saints will host the San Diego Chargers at Wembley Stadium in London on Oct. 26, among the topics he addressed in his State of the NFL speech.

Do Giants take a shot at Tom Brady's ankle?
The quarterback's right ankle will be sitting out there in plain view, wrapped or unwrapped, a giant bull's-eye for the targeting. And if Tom Brady goes down, if Matt Cassel is suddenly standing in the pocket for the New England Patriots, then this Super Bowl on Sunday becomes a very different sort of affair the New York Daily News reported.

So what are the New York Giants to do about this famously aching extremity? Should they tackle low, tackle late? Is it worth a 15-yard penalty and a vaguely guilty conscience? Or does a sense of gallantry demand they ignore the red cape flapping in front of them?

If the Giants take their cues from the Pats, they may not feel the need to demonstrate much mercy. The Patriots did not appear to debate the matter when they smashed around the hobbled Philip Rivers in the AFC title game. Brady is not a UPS package marked fragile. He is a football player, reporting Sunday for gladiatorial duty. What comes around, goes aground.

Report: Pats taped Rams' Super Bowl walkthrough
An unnamed source has claimed a New England Patriots employee secretly videotaped the St. Louis Rams' pre-game walkthrough the day before Super Bowl XXXVI, the Boston Herald reported.

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