Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bears could lose another receiver

Bears could lose another receiver
The Chicago Bears are inching closer to losing another receiver according to the Chicago Tribune. Restricted free-agent Rashied Davis has drawn strong interest from Seattle and Kansas City, a source close to Davis said. Buffalo also jumped into the mix Monday afternoon.

Davis, who received a tender offer of $927,000 from the Bears, has until April 18 to negotiate with other teams. The Bears have the right to match another team's offer, but because Davis came to the NFL from the Arena Football League in 2005, the Bears would not receive compensation if Davis signs elsewhere.

Although the Bears recently signed Marty Booker and Brandon Lloyd, Davis could be a valuable asset regardless. The Chiefs aim to use him as their primary slot receiver, while the Seahawks would provide him the best opportunity to join a playoff contender. It was Davis who came up with crucial catches in the Bears' 27-24 overtime win over Seattle in the 2006 playoffs.

NFL, former Pats' video employee near deal
For the NFL, the New England Patriots' tale of the tape is beginning to sound more like a never-ending story. Since the Super Bowl, the league has been trying to arrange an interview with Matt Walsh, a former Patriots video assistant. He is alleged to have damaging details on additional secret videotaping by the team, footage of opponents that presumably gave New England an unfair competitive advantage.

So far, however, Walsh has been unwilling to talk. He and the NFL, who for weeks have been deadlocked — each accusing the other of making unfair demands — say now that they are close to resolving their differences. Walsh,�who worked as Patriots video assistant from 1999 to 2001 and was fired two years later, has been asking the league to sign a contract protecting him from legal or financial damages that he might incur because of this case, and to pay his legal fees the Los Angeles Times reported.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said that in the last week, attorneys from both sides "have had intensive and constructive discussions regarding some new and promising approaches" that could help bridge the impasse.

Shaun Alexander confused by Seattle's desire for a running game
I love the headline here: "Seahawks sign running back Julius Jones; Alexander wants to know what’s up." I think their second choice was, "Shaun Alexander is not very self-aware."

Here's what's up, sparkplug: The Seahawks would like to have a running game with a strategy other than, "Let's hand the ball off to an old guy, watch him gingerly tiptoe around for a yard and a half, and then fall down."

I know that in theory, that sounds like a great plan, but the team tried it with you last year, and it just didn't work.

I think the team wants to try something different this year. Something like, oh, I don't know ...� "Hand the ball off to someone who doesn't fear contact, and have that person try to gain as many yards as possible." I know, it's crazy! But that Mike Holmgren guy, he thinks outside the box.�

I don't know how Alexander could have the year he had and not understand why the Seahawks would sign TJ Duckett and Julius Jones. Alexander ran for 3.5 yards per carry last year, which was less than Brooks Bollinger. Did Alexander not notice that when he was on the sidelines, and Maurice Morris entered the game, that Seattle's offense improved by leaps and bounds?

People only see what they want to see, I guess.

Seahawks sign running back Julius Jones; Alexander wants to know what’s up / Yahoo! Sports

Trent Green signs with Rams, autopsy pending
Two things happened in the NFL last year, and I think it's important to call your attention to them now:

1) The contents of Trent Green's skull were temporarily turned into mashed potatoes by the knee of Travis Johnson; and

2) The St. Louis Rams had an injury-plagued and horrific offensive line that was absolutely incapable of protecting a quarterback.

And now Trent Green is a St. Louis Ram. Perfect ... it's a match made in the National Resource Center for Traumatic Brain Injury. It's like like an alcoholic taking a job at the Jim Beam distillery. It's not quite the perfect environment for nurturing him back to health.

Last year, Marc Bulger, under the protection of the Rams line, suffered broken ribs, a bruised knee, and a concussion. His replacement, Gus Frerotte, had an ankle injury, a sprained shoulder, and a torn labrum. Trent Green's nose started bleeding immediately upon signing the contract.

Next year, the Rams line should be a little better, if for no other reason than it can't get worse. They had major injury problems, and some players will return, but--and get this--those players are coming off of major injuries (and in the case of Orlando Pace, coming off of major injuries in the past two years). They did sign guard Jacob Bell away from the Titans, though, so that should help.

I didn't want to watch Trent Green again. Now I might have to. But it probably won't be for very long.

Rams sign Titans’ guard Jacob Bell / Yahoo! Sports

Schein-ing Moments: Bona fide Bills
The Bills haven't made the playoffs since 1999. Adam Schein thinks the streak may come to an end with pickups like Marcus Stroud.

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