Sunday, March 30, 2008

Dallas may put 'no strip club clause' into Pacman contract

Dallas may put 'no strip club clause' into Pacman contract
According to New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers if the Dallas Cowboys put a "no strip club" clause in Pacman Jones' contract and he somehow follows it, then a trade to Dallas, which looks like it's going to happen any day, could possibly work. Jones gets himself in the most trouble at strip clubs and in the offseason.

The only reason for Goodell to reinstate Jones now rather than wait until right before training camp is so he can get into a structured environment.

Jerry Jones passed on Randy Moss in the 1998 draft because he was trying to clean up the Cowboys' image tarnished by a team running wild. Now he already has Tank Johnson and is on the verge of bringing in Pacman.

Belichick will be focus at NFL meetings
So many people will be looking at Patriots coach and former genius Bill Belichick this week that he may feel like they are spying on him, of all the crazy things according to the New York Daily News.

I'm surprised Belichick will be at the NFL meetings, which open Sunday in Palm Beach, Fla., considering the SpyGate scandal just won't go away and so much of the discussion this week — in front of Belichick — is going to focus on it.

Roger Goodell has come up with some new policies for the owners to discuss to crack down on cheating. At least give Belichick credit for showing up for what is going to be an uncomfortable four days for him among the coaches, general managers and owners, some of whom have been critical of him.

Naming rights for Dallas Cowboys stadium could set record
The Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones may have a title before they even kick off in their new stadium — the holder of the biggest naming rights deal in sports history.

The current top spots go to the Barclays Center, future home to the NBA's New Jersey Nets, and Citi Field, where Major League Baseball's New York Mets will play in 2009, each pulling in 20-year, $400 million contracts.

"I would think the Cowboys would expect at minimum what's been done in New York and look to exceed it," said Jim Biegalski, who specializes in naming rights for Millsport, a Dallas-based sports marketing firm.