Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Johnson, Bengals appear headed for a showdown

Johnson, Bengals appear headed for a showdown
Chad Johnson's offseason of discontent could be headed for its first showdown Monday with the Cincinnati Bengals according to the Cincinati Enquirer. And the Bengals wide receiver, in a series of Los Angeles-based television appearances, said he would not participate in the team's offseason strength and conditioning program beginning Monday.

"I will not be there," he said during a late afternoon stop at Current TV and "There are a lot of issues that need to be dealt with. Nothing has changed."

The Bengals will begin their offseason strength and conditioning program at Paul Brown Stadium. It is not mandatory, though Johnson — who has been a regular attendee every year since drafted by the Bengals in 2001 — can earn a $250,000 workout bonus by participating. Johnson might have dropped a hint about what he intends to do, when he said Tuesday morning in an interview on ESPN2, "You know, my offseason for football hasn't started yet. I haven't started training yet. I am still somewhat enjoying the offseason. You know, I don't start working out on my own until April."

Davis shows why Raiders remain dysfunctional
If you look at recent deals, Al Davis still has plenty of dollars to spend on his team. Our NFL Czar just isn't sure he has any more sense.

Kevin Smith is very thorough with the self-back patting

That's Central Florida running back Kevin Smith, who's been posting video updates of himself going through the draft process on YouTube. Some might call this a video blog, but please don't, because if you do, Bob Costas will hate him forever. I was completely unaware of any of this until Deadspin posted it yesterday.

Not only did this make me like Kevin Smith (the man spends 60 hours a week on his grind, or his "grizzy," if you will), but I'm thinking this should be mandatory for every potential NFL draftee. Imagine if every player had to do this, and we could all follow the draft this way. You'd actually feel like you knew the guy when your team drafted him.

Your reactions and level of emotional investment would be totally different.
"We took Maurice Splurgdington in the 2nd round? Dammit, man! That guy said on his second video blog that he didn't see why anyone thought There Will Be Blood was a good movie! Can you believe that? I don't want a guy who can't appreciate film roving our secondary. Every time I see him, I'll just wonder what more Daniel Day-Lewis could have done.
Or, you know, whatever your personal preferences happened to be.

Kevin Smith Keeps The Draft Updates Coming / Deadspin

Only 'tweaking of contract' standing between Hall and Oakland

Cornerback DeAngelo Hall, a two-time Pro Bowler with the Atlanta Falcons, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution on Tuesday that he is close to finalizing terms on a new contract with the Oakland Raiders. The deal will set in motion an agreed upon trade in which the Falcons would receive two selections in the April 26-27 NFL draft.

Hall said he is scheduled to fly to Oakland Wednesday to meet with team officials and sign his contract once the trade is formally declared today or Thursday. The Falcons will save nearly $3 million against the salary cap by trading Hall.

"There is just some tweaking of the language that needs to be done, some minor details," Hall, 24, said of contract negotiations. "No deal breakers."