Thursday, March 13, 2008

Law talking to Patriots, Jets

Law talking to Patriots, Jets
Free-agent cornerback Ty Law said�Wednesday that he's been in contact with the New England Patriots, but at this point the New York Jets have shown more aggressive interest in him. Law visited with the Jets Wednesday.

Asked about his prior contact with the Patriots, Law said he had a "good conversation" with coach Bill Belichick. "I'd say we're definitely on good terms. He did express his interest in me coming there and I expressed mine, but I don't know if it's something that can get handled soon enough," Law said.

Meanwhile, Law touched on his visit to the Jets today, saying: "I'm familiar up here with New York and Eric [Mangini] and this system. They're been aggressive and enthusiastic about getting something done."

Steelers add Fox, depth at inside linebacker
Keyaron Fox was a pass-rushing linebacker at Georgia Tech who played both outside positions the past four seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. But, after signing him to a one-year contract Wednesday, the Pittsburgh Steelers plan to use Fox (6-3, 235) as a backup inside linebacker — a position with little depth — and special teams performer.

Fox, a former third-round draft choice in 2004, received a $40,000 signing bonus and the veteran one-year minimum of $605,000 to join the Steelers. He is the second unrestricted free agent to sign with the Steelers, joining former Minnesota Vikings running back/kick returner Mewelde Moore.

The Steelers continue to have discussions with offensive tackle Max Starks, an unrestricted free agent whom the team named as a "transition" player — a tag that would force them to pay Starks the average of the league's top 10 offensive linemen, or $6.9 million, in 2008

The NFL prefers the present tense
Last year's big NFL marketing slogan was "Who Wants It More?" You might not remember this, and you wouldn't be alone. I do remember it, however, and I'm always going to, mainly because, during Super Bowl week, it was plastered all over the city of Phoenix like cheap tattoos on a biker's wife.

The NFL's got a new slogan for '08, though. Here it is. Brace yourself:


The Beatles aren't going to like this.

I don't think it's fair, either. What if you're a fan of a team like the Raiders or the Dolphins? Exactly what does "now" present to you that's so damn appealing? Save yourself the heartache, people of Oakland and Miami. You go right ahead and believe in yesterday. Now will bring you nothing but misery.

All kidding and Raider-mocking aside, though, it's a fine slogan. I dig it. Truthfully, though, I don't know why the NFL spends any time on things like this. We're all addicts and the NFL is our crack, and we're going to be addicted to their product if the slogan is "Believe in Now," "Who Wants it More?" or "Gertrude is not a very popular name for newborn girls in 2008."

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