Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Raider's Hire 31-year old USC Offensive Coordinator as New Head Coach

Wow, don't think I've ever seen a hire this young in Division I college football much less the NFL. Moreover, I don't think I've seen a successfull move to the NFL by an established Division I head football coach to the NFL since Jimmy Johnson went to the Cowboys way back in the day? Steve Spurrier, Pete Carroll, and Butch Davis all went to the NFL with great resumes. Spurrier and Davis jumped the season following National Titles. Kiffin has never ran a program, ever.

This gentleman, Kiffin, has been the offensive coordinator at USC for two years since the departure of Norm Chow, who is now the offensive coordinator at Tennessee. Now, Norm Chow designed and built Pete Carroll's offense at USC, which as coincidence would have it has the added bonus of displaying the most talented team in all of D1 college ball. Kiffin, hasn't even been around long enough to make any significant changes in Chow's system. As a matter of fact, last I checked, Chow won the National Title at USC with his offense and split. Since Kiffin took over, they have won the conference. And somehow this young man is experienced enough to take over the most unstable team in the NFL???

Again, wow.


KicKnWinG 2 said...

I agree, probably not one of the wisest decisions by the Raiders management to-date, but lets be honest, their not exactly batting a thousand as of late.

Apparently the Raiders are going after the self proclaimed coach killer Michael Vick to solve their team chemistry problems, looking to unload Randy Moss and Jerry Porter, the only talent they are packing on offense. Not exactly a decision deserving of a gold star.

Army Strong said...

The Falcons could come out gold in this if the rumors are true. Along with Moss and Porter would be the Raiders' overall number one pick in the draft.

Brady Quinn anyone?