Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NCAA claims third Sooner took excess pay

In yet another obvious example of how the top schools stay on top (don't get me started on Reggie Bush), the NCAA's investigation of Sooner-gate '06 concludes that Oklahma failed to adequately monitor the employment of several of their so-called amateur athletes. While the NCAA investigation implicates a third, unnamed player, Oklahoma is sticking to their guns that only Bomar and Quinn received additional payment.

Here's my bold prediction: Stick this one in the folder conveniently labeled of "inadequately punished violations." The NCAA hates to punish its flagship programs. In '93 the NCAA handed out scholarship limitations, bowl ban, and television ban for almost identical scenarios. Somehow, this time, I don't think they'll go there. All this with the looming catastrophe that USC is facing over the Reggie Bush payouts. Apparently there's more documented proof there than even Orenthal James and Johnny Cochran could overcome.


Mini Me said...

No way. Major, big time programs pay their players? No, it is just at Oklahoma. HAHA. It is crazy I mean every program does this, how is Oklahoma getting caught so often while other teams aren't? The problem isn't that Oklahoma is cheating, but that they are doing a poor job of it.

Jason said...

Time out. Yes, Oklahoma did do a poor job of monitoring Bomar and Quinn, but right when it came out, Bob Stoops promptly kicked them off the team. Give OU some credit: Stoops kicked his star QB off the team when he took money from a booster, and Ohio State let Troy Smith stick around with a minimum punishment for doing the same thing. Plus, it wasn't OU paying their players. It was a local car dealership.

Army Strong said...

The point isn't whether OU did a bad job of dealing with the situation, but rather the NCAA has a poor history in recent years of bringing the wood like it did back in the early 90's when it slapped bowl and TV's bans left and right for similar transgressions.

Watch and see what happens at USC. I don't think anyone in recent years short of the SMU Mustangs has faced as much blatant evidence of impropriety as now do the Trojans. Their situation will be a watermark for things to come.