Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Schottenheimer Gets Canned

After leading the Chargers to a leauge best 14-2 record, Marty Schottenheimer was fired from the head coaching job at San Diego. Schottenheimer is due more than $3 million for the final year left on his contract.

Apparently Marty had a disfunctional relationship with his GM, which led to his Monday evening firing. The firing is said to be on the basis that much of Marty's coaching staff has disbanned to other coaching jobs and positions.

That is absolutely unfair, in my view, Schottenheimer told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. We had no control over two guys who became head coaches in this league. We gave two guys an opportunity to be coordinators in this league. We've added a couple of guys that people should be very pleased with. The future coach will be very pleased, as well.

It is said that Schottenheimer and GM Smith have had a very rocky relationship at best, and that Marty never agreed with some of the management decisions he made. Most notable, the decision to allow free agent Drew Brees to leave the team after returning from a shoulder injury.

Or maybe, just maybe, its because Schottenheimer is the most prolific coach playoff choaker in history.

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Army Strong said...

14-2, into the can you go. With the departure of all their coaching talent, what do you wanna bet that this team begins a long descent into purgatory starting next season?