Wednesday, February 7, 2007

NFL Rumor Wire

Carr Riding Off Into the Sunset?

Owner Bob McNair said, "We’ve got to get better consistency there, either with David or with some additional help. We need more consistency at quarterback." It will be interesting to how the Texans figure this one out. Word is that the Texans have their eye on Denver's recently benched quarterback Jake Plummer. After there last couple management decisions, who really cares.

Where's Jeff Going

After stepping in for injured McNabb, Jeff Garcia has made himself a valuable committee this off season. Reports say that Chicago, Minnesota, and Denver all have interest in the acquiring the ageless quarterback. Texans Maybe?

Randy Moss in Green Bay

Packers have expressed interest in wide receiver Randy Moss to fill a talent gap on the offensive side of the ball. I hope they have a "bitching gap" that needs filled as well.

Cowboys Are Going to Hire Norve Turner

This should turn from gossip to fact relatively quickly. Ron Rivera's interview at this point is a waist of time for both Rivera and Jones, because Jones already has his mind made up. Time will tell.

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