Monday, February 19, 2007

Good Offensive Coordinator, Bad Head Coach: Norv Turner to Coach the Chargers

You fire your head coach because he is unsuccessful in the playoffs. Then you replace him with Norv Turner, who as a head coach, has participated in one playoff game, and lost. You have got to be kidding me.

Today the Chargers hired Norv Turner as head coach. Turner, once famed offensive coordinator for the Cowboys, is thought to have shaped Troy Aikman into a Hall of Fame quarterback. But Turner has not had as much success while at the head coach position.

He spent 7 seasons at head coach with the Redskins going 49-59-1. After striking out with the Redskins, he went back to be the offensive coordinator for the Chargers in 2001 then Miami in 02 and 03. He was hired as head coach for the Raiders in 04 and went 5-11. He was fired at the end of the next season after going 4-12, winning only one divisional game during his stint with the Raiders. In 2006 Norv went back to offensive coordinator, this time for the 49ers.

You know history repeats itself, look at Norv's career.

Good offensive coordinator. Bad head coach.

Thanks to AJ Smith, you may never see LaDanian in the playoffs again.


Anonymous said...

Actually, Norv Turner has participated in two playoff games as a head coach. He won one, and lost one.

KicKnWinG 2 said...

Really? Oh yea, the game before Tampa. Thats right, he made the playoffs only once, but he lost in the second round. Way to keep me on my toes.

Jason said...

I agree man. Turner was a horrible decision. Just like Wade Phillips. What's the deal with teams wanting to have successful playoff runs and hiring people like Turner and Phillips?

I do think, however, that Turner won't be as bad with San Diego as he was with Oakland and Washington. He has A LOT of talent in San Diego, almost too much to be too bad. But they won't win a Super Bowl under Turner, no way.