Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tim Hardaway Slams Gays

Yesterday, on a Miami radio show, former Miami Heat guard Tim Hardaway said the words heard round the world.

I hate gay people, so I let it be known

When asked at the ends of the radio show how Tim would have handled having a gay teammate he replied,
I don't like gay people and I don't like to be around gay people. I am homophobic. I don't like it. It shouldn't be in the world or in the United States. First of all, I wouldn't want him on my team, and second of all, if he was on my team, I would really distance myself from him because I don't think that is right. I don't think he should be in the locker room while we are in the locker room. But stuff like that is going on and there's a lot of other people I hear that are like that and still in the closet and don't want to come out of the closet, but you know I just leave that alone.

Hardaway also believes much of the NBA would back him up on this case. He said,
Something has to give, he said. And I think the majority of players would ask for him to be traded or they would want to be traded...If you have 12 other ballplayers in your locker room that are upset and can't concentrate and always worried about him in the locker room or on the court it's going to be hard for your teammates to win and accept him as a teammate.

Hardaway later apologized for the hate comments when contacted by a FOX sports reporter.

I agree with much that Hardaway said. One thing that really makes me mad is how everyone, including Amaechi, compares this to suffrage and black rights. Amaechi said,It's hard to get straight guys to step up. When men stood by women during the suffrage movement, they were called progressive and bold. When whites stood by blacks, they were heroes. But a straight guy standing up for a gay guy faces discrimination, and that's a big part of the battle we're fighting.

This isn't someone holding you down for the color of your skin or your gender. No one cares that your gay,keep it to yourself. Believe it or not, it goes against the moral fiber that this country was built on.

All coming out of the closet does is let others know what gender you like to have sex with. If your gay, that's fine. I don't want to hear about it.

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