Monday, April 2, 2007

Williams starting process to return to NFL

Apparently, Ricky has stayed drug free for the last year and, much to the disappointment of marijuana and herbal medicine advocates nationwide, has begun the process to apply for reinstatement. Said NFL superagent to the stars Leigh Steinberg:

"Ricky is in the best shape of his life... He's passed all of his drug tests and he's at a place where he's ready to come back to the Dolphins."
Apparently Ricky, living in California with his fiancee and children, is upbeat and excited about the prospect of returning to the NFL (and getting paid). To fantasy players everywhere, this guy will cause much pain and frustration by returning and doing either of:

1. Taking carries from Ronnie Brown and sucking.

2. Taking carries from Ronnie Brown and regaining his previous form.

The way I see it, by returning he practically going to take two running backs off the first round chart depending how he does in the preseason. Ricky IS that good when he's healthy and running straight ahead. Ricky will take carries from Ronnie Brown because he is THAT good.

Funny, there's been no comment from the Dolphins.

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