Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Can Golden State Seal the Deal?

The Golden State Warriors are human.

Although it seemed at times during this series (including last night) that Golden State was the number 1 seed and Dallas was the number 8, I believe we will see some more human like mistakes from the Warriors come Thursday. I think they will have trouble closing this series out even with the uber emotional Oakland crowd cheering them on.

The youth, and inexperience showed last night when Golden State began to unravel after a 9 point lead with 3 minutes left.

Not only did they loose the game, they allowed Dirk to regain his confidence. Had any other player on Dallas stepped up and made the shots Dirk did, I don't think they would be in as much trouble going back to Golden State.

Do you think Dallas can steal one at Golden State?

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Army Strong said...

I'm sorry, number one seeds don't get the privilidge of 'stealing' anything. They're supposed to beat number 8's and beat them badly. The fact they're down with their backs against the wall is ridiculous.

If they lose all the shine comes off Avery Johnson and the franchise melts.