Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tonight! Mavs vs. Warriors! Who is going to get it done??!!

So, today is the day, tonight is the night, carpe diem, the future is now, the time is right, git 'r done, all that crap. There aren't enough cliches to cover the hole that the Mavs have managed to dig. All week I've been saying that tonights game will mark a key moment in the history of the franchise. It's win or go home. Realistically, the Mavs shouldn't be in this predicament. They're one of the greatest regular season teams in the histoy of the NBA. It's not like they didn't have competition along the way. There are two other team in their own conference capable of winning it all. This is a team that is supposed to blow the Warriors right off the court.

Anyone want to make a prediction? I will. Mavs by 11, staving off armaggedon by another day.

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