Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Michael Vick's Pit Bull Kennels painted black

Take a real close look at the fence and structures painted black at the back of the Vick property. Courtesy

The brick house Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick owned on Moonlight Road in rural Smithfield, Va., is painted white. It has a white door, a white fence and a huge white gate that opens on a spare front lawn holding a white birdbath. In the woods behind the house, out of view from the road, stand five smaller buildings. These are painted black -- not gray or charcoal, but pure black, as if they'd been dipped in ink. They are set off from the house by a fence, also painted black.

Kathy Strouse, an animal control officer, was standing in front of those outbuildings as night fell on April 25 when a simple question came to her: Why the black paint? A moment passed before Strouse had an answer. At night, when most dogfights are held, no one would know these buildings were here.

Reading the article you realize the scope of involvement between a large number of professional athletes and professional dogfighting. Personally, this is more disturbing to me than steroids.

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Huge house.

Above ground swimming pool.