Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Dolphins Sign Most Mediocre Quarterback in the NFL

Today the Dolphins announced they have reached an agreement with the Kansas City Chiefs to trade a fifth-round draft pick in 08 for veteran quarterback Trent Green.

If you ask me, they might as well have brought Drew Bledsoe out of retirement, they would get the same results. While were at it lets go ahead and get Ricky back on the field.

Give me a break, about 5 games into the season, sports analysts will be asking why Miami can't get it together. The answer.... their front office is a bunch of retards.

It doesn't matter how many moves you make in the off-season, if they are all bad, you are going to suck.

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Army Strong said...

This and the big Matt Schaub contract in Houston have me seriously doubting the talents of most front office personnel in the league. You ever notice that when your front office is a bunch of regular dudes, they win (BoSox, Spurs) and when your front office is a bunch of Hall of Famers, you suck (Bobcats, Lions)?

Seriously dumb move.