Monday, June 4, 2007

Donovan to Magic..... NOT!!!!

Apparently Billy had second thoughts mostly due to my prediction of a 2011 firing. Billy was quoted by a close anonymous source:

"I read NFL Scores Blog and after much internal conflict, decided that getting run out of the NBA in Pitino-esque fashion was not right for my family."


Kasey Loessberg said...

That stinks because i thought Donovan would have become the best college coach to jump to the NBA since Larry Brown. I would have thought the challenge of the NBA would entice Billy, but i guess the thought of 82 games vs. 35 games was too much for him.

Army Strong said...

It's the right move. Money isn't everything, although that's always easier to say when you don't have it. Seriously, they would have bronzed this dude in Gainesville. Going to the NBA was a horrible decision even with all the money.

There is no such thing as an offer you can't refuse. These dudes need a serious dose of common sense.