Friday, June 1, 2007

Donovan Fired as Head Coach of Orlanda Magic

At least that's what the headline is going to read in 2011 after four years of disappointing production in the playoffs. Great college coaches don't go to the pro ranks to flourish, they go there to die. The NBA game has changed since the 80's. Ever notice how the best NBA coaches come from NBA benches? Rick Pitino, Lon Krueger, John Calipari? Outstanding current college coaches that were lured to the NBA with epic money only to get beaten out of the league after three to five years of mediocre wallowing. You can't recruit talent in the NBA. Salary caps and free agency tend to keep the marginal teams marginal (see Eastern Conference). Count on getting help in the draft? Hell no, look how Boston, Memphis and New York fared in Lottery. In the NFL, if you have the worst record you can end up with a Reggie Bush, in the NBA you end up gambling on some no-name next-Yao Ming from China.

If he stayed at Florida, they would have cast him in bronze. But in 2011, Donovan gets a pink slip.

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