Friday, August 17, 2007

In Trouble...Get a Haircut

Am I the only one that noticing the trend in the NFL of getting a haircut as soon as you get busted?

Pacman went from dreds to buzz cut after his arrest at a strip club and insueing suspension.

I also noticed that dogfighter Mike Vick has cut off his long locks as well when he appeared for court on Friday to find that the two friends that Vick had posed in a picture with behind a pit bull that they were allegedly sponsoring both entered guilty pleas Friday.

We can't forget about gun totin Tank.

I guess its just what their publicist tells them to do to look to make it look like they are cleaning up their act. Im sure Pacman can still pick up strippers with a buzz cut.


Chris O'Shea said...

the haircut is the basic, "Oh shit, I better do something!" reaction. Pacman, Tank and Vick are all saying, "Look, I'm different now, can't you tell?"

Way to go boys. The haircut is the first step toward being a good person.

Smitty Lite said...

Yeah, that comment pretty much sums it up. In the words of Billy Madison: 'I gotta look real respectable-like...'