Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Reggie Bush Investigation Still Alive and Seeking Informant

Yahoo! Sports will not let allegations of Reggie Bush's possible NCAA violations die. As near as we can tell, Bush and his family received over $400,000 of improper benefits while he was at USC. Bush and his lawyers are hard at work. They already settled out of court with one of his benefactors Michael Michaels for a sum between $200 and $300 thousand. The settlement purportedly included a gag order against Michaels prohibiting any discussions with NCAA investigators.

Apparently Bush's team and his other former benefactor, Lloyd Lake, are unable to reach a settlement. Now, Yahoo! is reporting that Lake has agreed to meet with NCAA investigators and provide financial records detailing $280,000 in improper gifts to Bush and his family.

What's at stake? Only a National Championship and Heisman Trophy, not to mention the reputation of the NCAA after getting called out by the OU president for failing to make any progress despite a ton of evidence in the headlines.

Who wants to bet that Bush and Lake make a seven figure settlement in the next seven days?

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Anonymous said...

Someone please answer, why hasn't bush or usc been brought to JUSTICE yet?

Was the ncaa PAID-OFF as well????

If they can get away with that then where is my cash???

Signed poor & broke but looking for hand-outs from the ncaa