Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Cowboys vs. Patriots

This coming Sunday we will see two undefeated teams battle. After last weeks Romo meltdown, and the vulnerability of the Cowboys have been exposed, here are some reason the Cowboys still have a chance.

1. Patriots are over-rated. The cowboys almost have as many wins as all the teams the Patriots have played to date combined.

2. Cowboys have confidence- Even though they barely avoided disaster on Monday night, close victories pull teams together. Just ask the Colts.

3. Cowboys are playing at home- The Cowboys pulled off a victory at home against the then undefeated Colts last season. In Dallas, anything can happen.

No matter who wins or loses this will be a good barometer game for both teams which have had relatively cup-cake schedules so for. Hopefully all those who are drink the Patriot cool-aid will be let down come Monday, and I won't have to hear anymore undefeated Patriots talk.

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Army Strong said...

1. The Pats might be overrated, but they are legitimately overrated. They've earned the hype.

2. The Cowboys are confidant they just squeeked by for a win. I think that throwing 5 int's in the last game might be the best thing that could happen.

3. They are at home, but Cowboy Stadium isn't the most imposing home field advantage in the NFL by a longshot. Plus, these are the Pats.

That said, I'm hoping for a good game.