Friday, April 18, 2008

Chiefs willing to accept less than two first-rounders for Allen?

Chiefs willing to accept less than two first-rounders for Allen?

The Kansas Chiefs have talked with the Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers about a trade involving Allen, who led the NFL in sacks last season. Allen is in Minnesota meeting with the Vikings today, and a visit to Tampa could follow soon the Kansas City Star reported.

Allen had yet to discuss the particulars of a long-term contract with either the Vikings or Buccaneers. But a bigger obstacle could be an agreement between either team and the Chiefs on draft-choice compensation. It's unlikely that either the Vikings or Bucs would be willing to part with two first-round picks as well as satisfy Allen's financial demands with a long-term deal. But one team or both may be willing to part with a first-round and lower-round choice.

By merely engaging in talks with the Vikings and Bucs, the Chiefs have in effect indicated they would accept less than two first-round picks for Allen. It was unclear what changed the Chiefs' thinking in this regard, though they appear to have made little or no progress in negotiating a long-term contract with Allen. The Vikings have the 17th pick in the first round, and the Bucs have the 20th pick. Minnesota has two third-round choices.�If the Chiefs sent Allen to the Vikings for Minnesota's first- and initial third-round selections, that would give Kansas City two of the draft's top 17 picks and five of the first 73.

Barber, Canty face signing deadline Friday
Friday is the deadline for Dallas Cowboys restricted free agents Marion Barber and Chris Canty to sign offer sheets with other teams.�If the players haven't signed offer sheets, Dallas will retain exclusive negotiating rights with those players.

Barber was tendered at the first- and third-round level, putting a one-year, $2.562 million offer on the table, while Canty was tendered at the first-round level ($2.017 million).�According to sources, the Cowboys and Barber remain far apart in negotiations on a long-term deal. The team and Canty's representatives have discussed an extension. Canty plans to sign the tender shortly after the deadline passes.

The team's third restricted free agent, center/guard Joe Berger, signed his one-year, $927,000 tender with the team Thursday, according to agent Tom Tafelski according to the Dallas Morning News.

Houshmandzadeh says Chad has to be traded
T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Chad Johnson's confidant, said Thursday that if his fellow Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver isn't traded, Johnson's going to be a problem and a potential distraction to the team. Houshmandzadeh said it might be best, in spite of the salary cap hit, if the Bengals granted Johnson's wish to be traded.

"If he's not traded, he's going to be a problem," Houshmandzadeh said. We have 53 players on the team. Do you want to roll the dice and get him to Cincinnati and see if he will perform and be professional? But will it be such a disruption that it will be another season down the drain - a season when (veteran Bengals right tackle) Willie Anderson doesn't get to the playoffs?"

He found himself talking to both Johnson and quarterback Carson Palmer on Wednesday, the day Johnson denied Palmer's comment that Johnson had told him he would report to the Bengals when required. By crossing swords with Palmer, Houshmandzadeh said, Johnson might have picked a fight he can't win.

Team that gets Allen will spend at least $70 million
Once a team acquires Jared Allen's�rights, the 6-foot-6, 270-pounder is likely to demand the same six-year, $72-million package paid by the Colts last year to defensive end Dwight Freeney. The deal included $30-million in guaranteed money according to the St. Petersburg Times.

Allen, entering his fifth season out of Idaho State, brings some off-field baggage. He was suspended two games last season for substance abuse violations, including two DUI arrests. He returned to start 14 games, finished with 64 tackles, made his first Pro Bowl and, according to Bennett, has grown.

"He's gotten over that, I think," said Tampa's Michael Bennett, a teammateof Allen's in Kansas City. "Everybody makes mistakes. We've all been there. We learn from our mistakes, and I think he's matured."