Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Losman likely staying in Buffalo

Losman likely staying in Buffalo
J.P. Losman doesn't appear to be going anywhere despite his request that the Buffalo Bills trade him. "J.P.'s on this roster and he's a part of this organization. And we anticipate J.P.'s going to be on this team," Bills chief operating officer, Russ Brandon, said Wednesday. "He's here and that's how we're approaching it," Brandon added.

Dolphins negotiating with Jake Long only

As of Monday night, the Miami Dolphins had not initiated contract talks with Chris Long according to the Miami Herald — which is consistent with Peter King's report that they are negotiating only with Jake Long and have given him a deadline to accept.

Owner Wayne Huizenga won't discuss the No. 1 pick, but has such confidence in Bill Parcells, that he's not conceding next season as strictly a rebuilding one: ''A lot will depend on the draft,'' he said. ``Bill's doing a good job.''

Parcells did not accompany general manager Jeff Ireland and coach Tony Sparano to workouts and visits with the potential No. 1 picks, but Huizenga said that is OK because ``that's the general manager's job.''

Pacman: 'Can't count the eggs before they hatch'
Pacman Jones might need to brush up on clich�s, but his point is that he isn't assuming he'll be a Dallas Cowboy until the trade with the Titans is done.

"You can't count the eggs before they hatch," Pacman said on Michael Irvin's ESPN 103.3 show. "Everybody knows I would love to play for Dallas. Hopefully, it will work itself out."

Pacman said he's anxiously awaiting the trade and that he can't wait to work out with his new teammates. Two problems with that: 1) He won't be allowed to work out with the Cowboys until Sheriff Goodell says so; 2) He's got a minor injury at the moment.

"I had got to a point where I was working out a little too much," Pacman said. "I done pulled my groin, so I took off the last two and a half weeks."

Goodell: Pacman trade wouldn't affect suspension
Jerry Jones and Roger Goodell sat side-by-side at lunch Wednesday, and it's easy to guess who did most of the talking. It might be just as easy to guess what they were talking about. The status of Adam "Pacman" Jones is of major interest to the Cowboys because they are trying to acquire the suspended cornerback-kick returner from the Tennessee Titans. Trade talks have stalled, likely because of uncertainty about when he will be reinstated by Goodell, the NFL commissioner.

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