Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cardinals hosting college tailbacks

Cardinals hosting college tailbacks
For the first time in five years, the Arizona Cardinals are bringing in college prospects for visits prior to the draft, April 26-27.

The Cardinals stopped the practice in 2004, the year Dennis Green became head coach, but resumed it this year.

This week, the Cardinals have visits schedule from two running backs, Oregon's Jonathan Stewart and East Carolina's Chris Johnson. Stewart is coming off toe surgery so part of the reason for his visit is a medical check. Johnson is one of the faster players in the draft (4.3 seconds in the 40-yard dash).

L.A. has no NFL team, but they do have a pretty YouTube video
I'm not one of the people who cares tremendously about getting an NFL team back in Los Angeles. I might think differently if I felt like the people of Los Angeles desperately wanted a team, or if I thought the NFL desperately wanted to be there.

Anyway, a fellow named Ed Roski, who has more money than God, has put together a plan to build a handsome new stadium. It's his land, so that's not an issue, but at some point, someone's going to have to come up with the $820 million to build the thing. No word on where that's coming from.

More details here.

A slip of the tongue: Dolphins to go defense?
You know how sometimes, you'll be talking, and your brain and your mouth have a slight disagreement, and your brain wins, and it makes your mouth say something you didn't want it to say?

It happens to me all the time. For instance, I'll be at Best Buy, and a young woman who works there will ask if she can help me, and I'll say, "Yeah, I'm looking for an HDMI cable for my--I'll give you $200 to touch me." And then I'll be arrested, and the cop will put me in handcuffs, and I'll go, "Officer, I take full responsibility and I'm sorry and -- If I touch you, sir, can we just forget this ever happened?"

See? The brain always wins.

Something similar may have just happened to Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland at a meeting with the media. Here's the MP3 from WAXY-AM in Miami.

WAXY-AM Jeff Ireland .mp3 (click to download)


I guess it's possible that Mr. Ireland simply misspoke (a term you hear a lot more whenever elections are coming up). But it's also possible that his brain and his mouth were fighting. The brain was thinking, "Yeah, we're taking Chris Long, Glenn Dorsey, or Vernon Gholston," and the mouth was thinking, "Shut up, jerkface, no one's supposed to know that." And the brain happened to win.

Later, Bill Parcells will beat the hell out of all of them.

So it's either utterly meaningless, or an accidental indication of the Dolphins plan on draft day. You decide.

Gracias, Sports by Brooks.

Oklahoma's Kelly looks to boost stagging draft stock
In an attempt to salvage his sagging draft stock, Oklahoma wide receiver Malcolm Kelly emailed media outlets with the resilts from his workout do-over in Norman, Okla.�Here's that information he sent to the Dallas Morning News:

40 time: range of 4.46 to 4.61
20 yard shuttle: 4.01 to 4.09
L drill: 6.79 to 6.83
225 was 14 reps at end of workout
Broad jump: 10.25

Kelly was at Dallas Cowboys headquarters Wednesday.�He'll also, per the release, meet with the Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers this week.

Vikings, Chargers candidates to move to LA?

Writers from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune couldn't help but notice the color of the seats at a proposed Los Angeles football stadium were purple. The writers also noted stadium construction could finish in�2011. That's the same year the Vikings least ends with the Metrodome.

The�Star-Tribune wrote:�"This unveiling could end up being a significant advancement in the LA-football/Vikings relocation as-of-yet non-story, it's not exactly time to panic.

"If Los Angeles ever gets a team, the leading candidate will always be the San Diego Chargers, who haven't been able to replace their aging facility. (Once known as Jack Murphy Stadium.) Moving the Chargers would always be the least-painful way to get back to Los Angeles. It's a little jarring to see those purple seats, and the color might well be intentional. It's worth keeping an eye on, but it's not even the beginning of the end for the Vikings in Minnesota. Yet. ''