Thursday, January 25, 2007

More Bad News for Reggie Bush -- TAPES!!!

Pete Carroll should just jump back to the NFL now because after all the evidence Yahoo! has piled up on all the gifts agents made to Bush and family, USC won't have any scholarships to give all their prized recruits. We're talking revocation of a national title and possible a Heisman Trophy. Bonus!

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KicKnWinG 2 said...

I heard about this on my way to work this morning. I never understand why athletes who know they are going to make it to the next level and bank, do this sort of thing.

Who gets the Heisman if Bush gets busted?

Army Strong said...

The runner up for that year was none other than the great Vince Young. However, if I were Vince Young, would I really want it?

It's well known that Vince was disappointed not in losing the Heisman to Bush, but rather losing it by the largest margin in history. He was so disappointed that he single-handedly stomped USC for the title and yelled something like, "Here's your Heisman!" into the camera after the game.